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How do I Read the Bible?

Often our best efforts to be consistent in daily Bible reading and time with the Lord are lost to the urgent. The drive and desire are there, to a degree, but the question remains, "How do I do that?"
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How Do I Pray?

Can you think of a person that seems to have a direct line to all things heavenly? You know if THEY pray for something--things happen. God moves. It's almost extraordinary. What makes their prayers so effective?
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How Do I Worship God?

What is the point of worship and how do I know if I'm doing it or not? Sometimes in answering these questions (and others like them) it's best to eleminate the noise to discover the truths that remain.
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Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than

Cheri's new book reveals how you were hand-picked by God to express love, thrive in community, and enhance the world around you. Cheri Strange's Scripture approach, combined with captivating stories will show you how to cultivate the courage to connect with others, find people who will fill your heart rather than drain your soul, and start enjoying the woman God created you to be and leave invisible you behind.

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