What Has God Done for Me?

Cheri Strange

What has God done

November, especially the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, is the time when many reflect more on that for which we are grateful. Pinterest oozes with ideas for family activities, transforming any environment into a picturesque event, and tantalizing recipes captured in perfection. For the believer in Christ, this is the ideal time to ponder what God has done for you.

Finding Scripture that calls us to be thankful or even what words to express our gratitude is easily located. Just open the Psalms and within a few pages, it will surface. But the call to reflect on what God has done for you is not limited to the Psalms. In fact, even a casual reader of the Bible will find it appearing across the entire book. The one that comes into focus for me this particular season is from the prophet Samuel.

Above all, fear the LORD, and worship him faithfully with all your heart; consider the great things he has done for you. 1 Samuel 12:24

We find this verse at the tail end of a discourse from Samuel (the last of God’s prophets) to the Israelites. The people wanted to become like all the other kingdoms and asked for a king to be set above them. You might recall how the request angered Samuel. But God reminded him that the rejection was not of Samuel and his leadership but of God. They didn’t want to rely on what they could not see for life. It’s a sinful request, but God instructs Samuel to grant it. Before doing so, he helps them see their error and calls them to remain committed and close to their God.

What if I really Mess Up?

These people really messed up. But their blunder did not result in rejection. Instead, God beckons them to Himself through His spokesperson, Samuel. Chances are, like me, you have made a few blunders of your own. Instead of hiding or covering it up or taking a different option moving forward, God calls out to you and to me through this same Word.

As you experience these days of November, remember who is Lord of your life. It doesn’t matter if you have failed Him. He still wants you near. All of you – all of those aspects of you that tempt you to turn away to what will not satisfy – He wants you.

The best way I have found to keep myself near is to take this good advice from Samuel.

Consider the great things God has done for you.

What has God done for you in the present and in the past? Answering this question should draw us to pray prayers of gratitude and praise for what only He can do. I hope you will do just that.

Today I want to pray over you to this effect.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving for What God has Done for You

what has God doneDear Jesus,

In what other way can we come before you except in humble gratitude? You are the God who performs miracles. Indeed, what God is so great as our God?

Today I ask that you reveal Yourself to my friend. Make your ways of provision known. Spark her memories of Your activity in her life up until this juncture. Help her to know of your care for her and of her each passing moment. As promised, there is never a time or place You are not with her. Remind her of what You have done and of your presence in her going out and coming in. Then show her what you are doing now. The people in the days of Samuel needed a miraculous sign to help them see their sin and become sensitive, once again, to your voice and lordship over their lives. If this sweet sister needs the same, I ask that You give it. Give her a heart overflowing with gratitude until You return.

In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

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