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Cheri Strange

we get you

Hey friend, I am thrilled to announce the release of a new book, We Get You! 30 Days: 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God. This heartfelt collection of stories and devotions is now available on Amazon, ready to embark on a thirty-day journey with you. As one of the thirty extraordinary women featured in this book, I am honored to share my own story alongside these inspiring voices.

What sort of book is this?

We Get You! is a powerful invitation to join hands with new friends who have traversed similar trials and circumstances, just like you. Within these pages, you will find the words of thirty women who have faced life’s challenges with unwavering faith, resilience, and hope. Their stories will fill your heart with divine inspiration, reminding you that you are not alone.

Each soul-nourishing devotion in We Get You! encompasses a verse of encouragement, an intimate personal or Bible-based story, and a practical application of the truth. These devotions aim to uplift and empower you, providing you with insights and perspectives to navigate life’s ups and downs. Furthermore, to enhance your spiritual experience, four thought-provoking prompts accompany each devotion, focusing on purpose, practice, prayer, and promise.

How can I use this devotional?

By starting your day with a dose of We Get You!, you will infuse life, hope, peace, and encouragement into your heart and mind. These stories will unleash the power of divine grace and guide you toward a deeper connection with our loving Father.

I am excited to see the impact this book will have on readers like you. We Get You! has already become a number-one bestseller in Women’s Personal Spiritual Growth. I is also ranking second in Spiritual Growth and Women’s Inspirational Spirituality. This achievement speaks to the profound resonance and relevance of these stories in the lives of those who seek inspiration and spiritual growth.

Join us on this journey!

Join us on this transformative journey and let the stories of these remarkable women illuminate your path. Purchase your copy of We Get You! 30 Days: 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God on Amazon today and experience the joy of connecting with kindred spirits.

May the stories within these pages ignite your faith, empower your spirit, and remind you that you are never alone.

With love and gratitude, for His glory,



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