Waiting Well Scripture Cards: Embracing Patience

Cheri Strange

Waiting Well Scripture Cards: Embracing Patience

Reflecting on the power of patience and faith through the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set from The Stirring Faith Company.

We all encounter seasons of waiting in our lives – waiting for answers, waiting for breakthroughs, waiting for change. In fact, it’s really not a question of IF you and I are going to wait, but HOW. Waiting well is part of loving God with all of our mind and heart. It’s a mental exercise that often has an emotional response. Regardless of the circumstances or the time frame, waiting can be a real challenge. What I find that helps is to replace my anxiety and “what if’s” with the assuring Word of God, reminding me that God is working, even when I cannot see His hand.

That’s why I created the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set (from The Stirring Faith Company). These Scripture cards, a collection of 12 verse cards and a cover, serve as a guiding light of biblical truth during moments of waiting. These beautifully curated Scripture cards are specifically designed to help us focus on key verses from the Bible that offer comfort and strength during these periods of anticipation.

What Makes the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set Special?

Having these cards displayed in my home or on my desk acts as a daily reminder to trust in God’s divine timing, even when progress seems slow. The verses on these cards speak directly to my soul, providing the encouragement and direction I need in times of uncertainty.

What makes the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set truly special is the deliberate selection of verses that are tailored to guide us through the waiting seasons. Each verse has been chosen with care to resonate with our hearts and minds, encouraging us to reflect on God’s promises.

Crafted from 16-point card stock with a matte finish, these 4 x 4 cards not only exude quality but also offer space for personal messages on the back, making them a thoughtful gift for loved ones. They are a tangible reminder of love and support, both for ourselves and those we care about.

Features of the Scripture Card Set

Purpose and Impact of the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set

Embracing patience and faith is a journey that can be both challenging and rewarding. The Waiting Well Scripture Card Set has been a source of inspiration and strength for me during times of anticipation. Holding these Scripture cards in my hands is a reminder of the power of God’s promises and the beauty of waiting well.

For me, the Waiting Well series, is not just an extra purchase. Instead, it’s an investment in my spiritual growth and well-being. I know my thoughts lean toward negativity and distrust, and I desperately need the reminders of what the Word of God says concerning issues that threaten to derail my faith. I believe these cards can do the same for you or someone you know, as well.


Price and Value

Price and Benefits of the Waiting Well Scripture Card Set

The benefits of the Waiting Well Scripture Card set are at least, twofold:

  • Affordable at $10.00. Despite its low price, the quality and richness of these Scripture cards far exceed their monetary value. These cards remind me that true value lies in the impact they have on my heart and soul.
  • Ideal for personal reflection and gifting. These cards serve as a source of personal strength and encouragement and make for thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Sharing the gift of faith and hope through these Scripture cards is a gesture that carries immense value.

As I continue to reflect on these verses and share them with others, I am grateful. Utilizing Scripture cards is making a priceless impact on my journey of faith. Whether I choose to keep them close to my heart or share them with others, these cards symbolize love and support in tangible form.

Embracing the Journey

Friend, let’s continue to share the light of faith and patience, knowing that our waiting is not in vain. Together, we can walk this path of hope and grace, trusting in the promises of our Creator and finding strength in the art of waiting well.

Looking for More Inspiration?

Creating other inspirational products for faith and patience has become a delightful journey. Each new item I design for the Stirring Faith Company reinforces my trust in God’s plan. Be sure to check out  the Flourish Scripture Card Set and the Unleash Your Brave Card Set.

For His glory,

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