Waiting Well: Day 2

Cheri Strange

Waiting Well blog Day 2

Bible Reference1 Samuel 1:12-28

A few years ago our family took a road trip across the Midwest. To save time, we drove through fast food restaurants and ate while continuing on the journey. One particular occasion we drove into the line where we waited our turn to order. Within moments, a voice from inside the menu station asked us to, “Order when ready.” We did so, moving forward to the next window where we anticipated receiving our food. There we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, Chad peered into the lit restaurant to discover—we were all waiting on something that was never going to come. The restaurant was closed! The lights were on and there was a motion-sensored recording at the menu station offering to take orders. But no human was actually there. No food was coming.

When our waiting feels like a line of perpetual uncertainty, without answers—much like Hannah’s waiting, there is a danger of losing faith that God is listening. Such long spans of time tempt us to question the character and faithfulness of God. Taking in our surrounding, sometimes there is no evidence He is answering our prayer. We wonder if He will come through for us. In these critical moments, you and I need a strategy to meet such precarious predicaments in victory. Hannah, again, waits well.

Hannah clings to the only One who can help her. She resolves to believe He will bring to fruition that which she awaits. Then she does something most of us don’t. In the middle of her waiting, Hannah chooses to rejoice. Before it is her turn, prior to seeing any evidence that God will answer her petition, Hannah chooses to praise God…anyway.

Before it is your turn–before anything you have asked comes to fruition, praise Him! When you cannot see through the waiting; when encouragement does not come; and your enemy pummels you with vicious fiery darts until you find yourself in a desperate place—rejoice anyway!

If He makes you wait, there is divine purpose in it.

May we not miss the opportunity to wait well.



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  1. Cheri Strange

    My frustration with the waiting is we are to sell our house (after doing major renovations for over the last 14 months) so we could move to Florida to be close to our youngest daughter and her husband. They want to start a family soon and we want to be close to our future grandchildren; plus my son-in-law wants to join my husband’s business. The plan was that this house was going to be finished April of 2015 and a year later we are just now putting it on the market. Well, in that time, my daughter and son-in-law have grown stronger in the Lord while they went through some difficult situations during their first year of marriage. During this time, my oldest daughter, who is not walking with the Lord, has starting asking questions, showing a desire to know God. This weekend she is going to visit her sister (she lives in NYC) and has scheduled her flight home so that she can go to church with them. Ashley and Cody have been seeking counsel, through prayer and speaking to their pastors about how to approach Blazia and what to say to her. I truly believe that if we were already in Florida, this opportunity wouldn’t arise. I am praying that God is preparing Ashley and Cody to speak the truth in love; and that Blazia’s heart is being soften to receive it. Thank you for the wonderful reading plan and for sharing your wisdom that God has given you.

  2. Cheri Strange

    God’s timing is so much better than ours. Even though ours makes so much more sense to us. Right now we pray for Cody and Ashley in their marriage and in their relationship with Blazia. We ask for God to provide His Word in His time. May she know His love for her through them.

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