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Unite My Heart


Do you ever feel like you are mentally scattered? Too busy to keep it all straight? Maybe you have so much on your plate there is no direct path that you can see? Me, too. I wonder why I can’t get it together. The problem often runs deeper than my schedule to my heart. I can’t seem to bring to reality the daily choices I ought to make. I need God to unite my heart toward a single focus–to bring all of the mental rabbits I’m chasing under His umbrella to get what matters on my To-Do List. What I discovered is that the Word of God helps me do just that.

Teach me your way, O God, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name. Psalm 86:11

Unite my heart.

What if David has the same struggle?

unite my heartUnite my heart.” That might mean David’s heart is all over the place. Divided between what he could do, should do, must do. Maybe he is unsure, questioning the options at hand. He could also be distrusting. I mean there was a lot of running and hiding between Samuel’s anointing and David actually becoming king. What if God wasn’t going to come through? Or maybe David is just scared? Discouraged? Ready to quit? Afraid to fail? Certain God won’t be there for him because there is a long track record of running around NOT becoming king. All those ideas and suppositions can sound true in his mind. And that’s a problem.

Fortunately for us, this king in the making recognizes his weakness and prays.

He prays for God to teach him how to follow Him. But beyond that — to unite his heart. He needs help recognizing what’s really real. What is God’s truth? Not David’s, or that of his men, or the closest neigh-sayer. He is asking God to unite his heart to fear His name because this king in the making has roamed long enough to understand how destructive he can be to himself. This prayer is asking God to pull all the pieces of unbelief, discouragement, fear, and longings for otherness behind this simple truth: God can be trusted.

This is a simple truth that holds one of our deepest needs: a heart united under the right understanding of God’s character and His agenda for our lives. Today, I would love to pray this good advice over you.

A Prayer for Uniting Your Heart

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Father, God,

I come to You this day with a familiar request, asking You to unite the heart of my friend. Only You know the details. You, alone, understand all that runs through her mind and heart competing for dominance. Don’t let it win. Give her a confidence that only You offer to believe in Who you are–the God who is able. Bring her disjointed (and maybe even exhausted) mind under your care. Help her to fear Your Name and Your Name only. Show her how to live today in that reality so that she can walk in Your truth.

And, I boldly ask You to help her recognize the change as You work in her life. Reassure her of Your presence because You love her.

In the matchless Name of Jesus. Amen.

For His Glory,

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