Day 8: Take One More Step

Cheri Strange

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Bible Readings for Day 8: Take One More Step–1 Kings 18-19.

Sometimes loving God with all our strength simply means that we take one more step. When our strength is gone, one more step can seem insurmountable. When we have walked as far as we can, one more step is not as easy as it sounds. It’s too risky. And we don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I’m thankful there are examples in Scripture that capture our human condition.

Meet Elijah. Although little is known about his background, we learn from 1-2 Kings that King Ahab and his wife, Jezebel, hated Elijah because of her affections for Baal worship. During Ahab’s reign, Elijah was used by God to orchestrate a great display of His power against Baal and the killing of 450 priests of Baal. He served God with vigor and courage regardless of the circumstances and obvious risk.

But soon after these events we are presented with a different view. We find Elijah running from Jezebel. Fear motivated his flight, but there was more to Elijah’s fleeing. He was exhausted. In fact, he was more than exhausted. He had had all he could take. All the mighty works and superhuman feats performed by the Lord through Elijah had been to no avail. The people were unchanged; the diabolical queen, undaunted.

Can you relate to Elijah? When was the last time at least some of these could have been your words. Have you ever been so desperate for a glimpse of God’s hand in your life that you were willing to do whatever you needed to do (even go without food) and go wherever you needed to go?

God knew Elijah needed Him. We see God move heaven and earth for this man to be encouraged. He is not forgotten. He is not alone. God met him with the perfect balance of mercy, purpose, and sovereignty. Elijah was instructed to go back. “Get back in there, Elijah.” God also gave him the task of anointing kings, which communicated that the troubles Elijah saw that day in Israel would soon come to an end. God would prevail over wickedness. He then acknowledged Elijah’s loneliness by instructing him to anoint Elisha as his replacement.

God knows you and I need Him too. At times when we are absolutely exhausted and despondent, He is our refuge.

Listen for His voice. Take one more step, straight into Him arms.


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