Momentum: How to get Unstuck

Have you ever found yourself feeling spiritually stuck? Like you’re in a rut and struggling to make progress on your journey of becoming more like Jesus? If so, I have exciting news for you! Momentum: How to Get Unstuck is a new free challenge available on our website that aims to help you break free from spiritual stagnation and regain momentum in your faith. This challenge provides you with daily resources to propel you forward on your spiritual path.

Each day you will encounter three elements:

Scripture for Unstuck: Anchoring the Truth

At the heart of the Momentum challenge lies the power of Scripture. Each day, you’ll encounter carefully selected passages that serve as anchors of truth for your spiritual journey. These verses will inspire and guide you as you seek to deepen your relationship with Jesus. The Word of God has an incredible ability to uplift, encourage, and challenge us. It’s the foundation upon which we can build our faith and find the strength to overcome obstacles.

Devotional for Unstuck: Breaking Free

In addition to Scripture, the Momentum challenge presents you with a short devotional each day. These devotionals are designed to help you identify and break free from the things that keep you spiritually stuck. They will explore common obstacles and struggles we all face, offering insights and practical advice to overcome them. Whether it’s doubt, fear, complacency, or any other barrier hindering your growth, these devotionals will provide the necessary encouragement and guidance to move forward.

Personal Challenge for Unstuck: Stepping Forward

Knowledge alone is not enough to bring about transformation. The Momentum challenge understands this, which is why it includes a personal challenge with daily applications. This challenge encourages you to take practical steps and apply the truths you’ve learned from Scripture and the devotionals. By actively engaging with these challenges, you’ll begin to build momentum and experience real growth in your spiritual journey. It may involve acts of kindness, intentional prayer, self-reflection, or pursuing a specific virtue. The challenges are tailored to your personal growth and will empower you to take meaningful steps toward becoming more like Jesus.

Are you ready to take the challenge?

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your spiritual walk, the Momentum challenge is here to help you get back on track. Through a daily dose of Scripture, thoughtful devotionals, and practical challenges, this challenge will ignite the momentum you need to move forward and grow in your faith.

Don’t let spiritual stagnation hold you back any longer. Embrace this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey toward becoming more like Jesus. Sign up for the Momentum challenge. It’s time to break free, gain momentum, and experience the abundant life that Christ has promised!

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