Spiritual Growth

Navigating Seasons of Change

Ready or not, my daughter marries her high school sweetheart this weekend. That’s right. The long awaited event is upon us. In the tapestry of life, each thread is woven with moments of joy, sorrow, and transition. The air is thick with anticipation. At this point, my head is spinning
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satan's strategies
Spiritual Growth

Unmasking Satan’s Strategies: Five Biblical Truths for Spiritual Warfare

Unmasking Satan’s Strategies Hello, beautiful sisters in Christ! It’s Cheri Strange here, and I’m so thrilled to dive into today’s discussion about a topic that’s close to our hearts: understanding Satan’s strategies and how we can stand firm against them. As Christian women who long to desire more of God
Praying for Understanding

Praying for Understanding

Praying for Understanding What do you and I do when we come to a spiritual dilemma—when we don’t know what to do or which way to go? If you ask the teenagers in my house, they will suggest we Google it. And that might help enrich our knowledge or provide
risk is required
Hey There, Girlfriend

Sometimes It’s Worth the Risk

You may not feel it today, but relationships are worth the risk. Today, we wrap up our 5-day journey into how you and I navigate friendships. Yes, in spite of the pitfalls, relationships are, indeed, worth the risk. Still, risk-taking doesn’t mean indiscriminate bonding. Risk should be cloaked in wisdom
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Praying for Boldness

Praying for Boldness Did you know that the most popular foods in America are hamburgers? Hot dogs, French fries, and Oreo cookies fall in line right behind burgers. I’m sort of disappointed tacos did not make the top ten, but I find these statistical matters interesting. A researcher and question-asker,

God as our Rock and Stronghold

God as our Rock and Stronghold What kind of week have you had? I ask, because the headlines are pretty gloomy, filled with bad news, scandal, horrific tragedy, and more bad news. I ask because we just lost the third young person from our church body within the last few