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Going Up When Feeling Down

Going Up When You’re Feeling Down Podcast #808 Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast – Going Up When Feeling Down Well. What a March are having. How are you doing in your new temporary normal? Today is a good time to take our gaze and turn it away from circumstances
Posted  on March 26, 2020 0

Grounded Faith in Uncertainty

Grounded Faith in Uncertainty Podcast #807 Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast – Grounded Faith in Uncertainty What a week we are having! It’s nothing like I have ever experienced in my lifetime. But this I know. Purchasing too much of what won’t really help is not the only response
Posted  on March 17, 2020 0

Taste and See

Taste and See Podcast #63   Hey! Welcome to the podcast! You have likely heard it before. “Taste and See that the Lord is good.” But what does it mean for you and me. And what does it look like in real life? How can we make it a reality
Posted  on September 17, 2019 0

Overcoming Doubt

Overcoming Doubt Hey! Welcome to the She Yearns Podcast and today’s episode, Overcoming Doubt.  Jesus calls His disciples to pray with no doubting and when they did they could even tell a mountain to be thrown into the sea and it would have to obey. Then James tells us something
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Help for the Discouraged

Help for the Discouraged Podcast #7 If you have ever been discouraged and just about ready to quit, this podcast is for you. In this episode of the She Yearns Podcast, Help for the Discouraged, Cheri Strange helps the listener understand, it’s o.k. to feel this way, but best not to
Posted  on February 10, 2018 0

Podcast 5 Five Life Changing Resolutions

Five Life Changing Resolutions Podcast #5 Where can we do to make significant changes in our lives that will be lasting and significant? In this episode of the She Yearns Podcast, Five Life Changing Resolutions , Cheri leads the listener through five examples in Scripture in which resolutions either impacted a
Posted  on January 25, 2018 0