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Best 5 Things to Know About Scary Apps

Best 5 Things to Know About Scary Apps

Podcast #60

If you have teenagers in the home or really, anyone over five, cellphones are an issue. There are so many issues surrounding these powerful blocks of distraction, we can’t possibly cover it today. My burning question of the hour is this: How much do you know about the apps on your child’s phone? This question really leads to others. What do you know about the geolocation tracking ability of these apps? What types of conversations are you having? These are all central to what is happening every day with these wonderful people you are responsible for. There’s scary stuff out there.

What is it that we need to know?

What is it that you and I need to know today about those devices we carry around and allow those we love to possess? Let’s talk about the best five things you need to know about scary apps that are available for those entrusted to you today. We hope you will join in on the conversation in this episode of the She Yearns Podcast.

If you want to hear more on this topic, check out Raising Jesus Lovers in a Digital World. I will be making more resources available on this topic on the blog and possibly other resources. Check in with us on social media to see what is coming and what might be helpful to you.

Don’t forget, there is ONE MORE episode in the season before we break for the summer. Also, be thinking about how you enjoy this new format, “The Best 5…” as we are thinking about moving from “The She Yearns Podcast” to “The Best 5 with Cheri Strange” in the future.

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Teens Yearn

Teens Yearn

Teens Yearn is where we can meet up at talk about things important to — well, teens, whether you yearn for God or not.

I currently live with five, almost six (one is twelve) teenage girls. All different. All with beautiful smiles and make me laugh out loud! All who, in their heart of hearts, on their best days, want to be teens who yearn for more of God in their lives.

But then there are other days — when, frankly, life is throwing garbage at them. Sometimes they are choosing to jump in with both feet. This is normal. Yearning for God is not at the front of their minds or anywhere close to their heart’s desire — truth be told.

It’s not pretty. Or planned. Or what you probably want. You want more.

How do you become a young women who, on MOST days, good ones — and bad one — yearns for God?

That’s what we are here to discover.

I don’t claim to have all the answers. I DO have some street cred in experience and I have been to college maybe longer than you have been breathing. The combination helps. But real answers, true direction, and the elements that can embolden you and grow a passion for Christ in you– comes through getting to know Him and walking in discipleship with Him.

Here at Teens Yearn, we are here to help.

Some writing and resources will be mine. Some will be other teens. Our desire is to aim you toward Jesus and encourage you to yearn for more of Him in your everyday life.

For Him Glory,