hear my prayer, Lord

Hear My Prayer, Lord

She Prays on Fridays with Cheri Strange, PhD.

This is the She Prays on Friday edition of the blog, which hopes to be some of the most encouraging five minutes of your Friday. Each week on the She Prays on Friday edition we examine a portion of Scripture for the sole purpose of praying it over you. My desire is that each aspect provides for you an additional tool for you to use in your own prayer life. Our plea today is simply, “Hear my prayer, Lord.”

I cannot really explain the burden God is placing on me to pray over you. To me, it’s as important as asking God to move in revival across the land. This is how God works. Just as He did in the awakening that took place in America in the 1800s, an unprecedented movement began and spread with prayer. One person. One nobody praying and asking God to move. One person yearning, desiring to see more of God in their everyday life, and the lives of those in their midst.

Suppose you and I commit to doing the same?

Today, I bring to you two different Psalms that carry a similar theme. In fact, they almost read the same, but I want to present the words to you in both places so you can feel the authenticity request.

Scripture to pray.

Hear my prayer, O LORD;
let my cry come to you!
Do not hide your face from me
in the day of my distress!
Incline your ear to me;
answer me speedily in the day when I call! Psalm 102:1-2

O LORD, I call upon you; hasten to me!
Give ear to my voice when I call to you!
Let my prayer be counted as incense before you,
and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice! Psalm 141:1-2

Why should I pray these verses?

Both of these cries by the Psalmist carry an urgent plea for God to listen to the petitioner. They want to be heard. We don’t know the exact circumstances or problems, but if we read on in Psalm 102, they are enormous. The writer forgets to eat. He groans. Apparently, there are many foes against him. This person needs help. And he needs it now.

The second example doesn’t feel as dire from the tone, but the request casts a similar feel of gravity when he writes, “Hasten to me!” In other words, “Please, Lord, can you shake a leg, will ya? Hurry up. I need you to hear my prayer!

Not only does the person want God to hear him licked-spit, he wants the Lord to answer quickly! On the double! This Scripture illuminates when it is good and right to ask for your God to listen to you, AND to ask for Him to move quickly on your behalf. Depending on His ability to come through for you. Expecting a response.

You and I need to know that this Scripture is here. The reality remains, we are free use it ourselves in our own situations. With this in mind, allow me to pray this need of God’s ear and his attentiveness to your life, over you today.

Hear my prayerA Prayer for you


I ask you to hear my friend’s prayer. Let her cry come before you. Don’t hide your face from her in her day of trouble or difficulty or delay. If it were possible, move in closer to her. If you could, put your ear all the way down by her head. Help her to know you are listening. And allow me to boldly ask on her behalf that You do not delay in responding. Answer her quickly whatever that looks like! There is urgency here in the need, so I ask You–the only One who can meet it to be her Sufficiency; and that she will recognize Your hand as You give it.

Thank you in advance for what You are about to do.

In the Name of Jesus, and For Your Glory, Amen.

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For His Glory,



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