Hello Summer

We Interrupt this Summer to Celebrate!

Hello Summer! For all of you already playing on the beach, sunning, eating hot dogs and snow cones — enjoy it for us. The Strange family is not quite there yet. We have been moving what seems like months. We are still up to our armpits in crumpled newspaper and

Meet our YouVersion Czech Translator

We are pleased to announce! The first YouVersion reading plan translation released this month! The Fight for Radiance was translated in Czech! Meet our YouVersion Czech translator, Zdenka Davidova. Zdenka is a resident of the Czech Republic. I became acquainted with her through some friends of mine working with Upward Basketball
Increase Your Bloom Ability

Increase your Bloom Ability: Day 5

Increase Your Bloom Ability:Day 5 Many of us easily recognize areas in our lives that need to be cut away. We stay in unhealthy relationships. We continue in our bad habits. We exploit our time and money.  We battle bouts of selfishness, anger, or we completely lack forgiveness. Hands down.
Increase Your Bloom Ability

Increase Your Bloom Ability: Day 4

Increase Your Bloom Ability: Day 4 Rarely does the Lord criticize us for being too aggressive in matters of faith. When do we find Him suggesting that our dreams, our requests, our deepest needs, our greatest desires, are out of His league? When does Scripture find God telling His people
Increase Your Bloom Ability

Increase Your Bloom Ability: Day 3

Day Three Have you ever ordered something on-line expecting it to be one size only to be disheartened when it arrived? Or have you believed the marketers’ promises of special amazing features, only to get half of them functional? Has there been a time when you purchased something that looked
The Fight For Radiance

The Fight for Radiance: Day 7

The Fight for Radiance Day 7: Choose to Rejoice in the Fight for Radiance Our radiance is of paramount importance because it displays to the world our joy in God. Let’s face it. Rejoicing is easy when everything goes well. But what about in a difficult season? Fighting for radiance