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What If You Were the Plan

  What If You Were The Plan? It is my great privilege to be invited to write the devotional matieral for America World (AWAA) to kick off their Season of Hope this year. It’s a 21-Day Prayer and Fasting Guide written with you in mind. It doesn’t matter if you
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How to Recognize God’s Voice

How to Recognize God’s Voice Podcast #34 At the heart of the basic questions we can ask in Christianity lies this fundamental one: How do I recognize God’s voice? How do I hear it for myself? And on the heels of this one rides another one: Does God even speak

How Do I Pray

How Do I Pray Podcast #31 Have you ever known someone who seemed to be able to pray for something and God answered their prayer? Like, every time no matter how serious or trivial the request may be they seem to have a direct line to God? How do they
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Podcast 5 Five Life Changing Resolutions

Five Life Changing Resolutions Podcast #5 Where can we do to make significant changes in our lives that will be lasting and significant? In this episode of the She Yearns Podcast, Five Life Changing Resolutions , Cheri leads the listener through five examples in Scripture in which resolutions either impacted a
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Planning to Succeed

Planning to Succeed She Yearns Podcast #3 Looking to start the year fresh? New Goals? Get back on track? Then you need to a plan! In this episode of the She Yearns Podcast, Planning to Succeed, Cheri Strange looks at what Jesus offers in Mark 2 that will set you on a
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Why We Can Expect God to Hear Podcast #1

Why We Can Expect God to Hear and Respond to Our Prayer She Yearns Podcast #1 If you ever wonder if God hears your prayer or will respond to it, Why We Can Expect God to Hear and Respond to Our Prayer is the episode for you. The Bible speaks
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