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21 Things to Do Stuck at Home

21 Things to Do Stuck at Home

21 things to do stuck at home

Hello there, from the Strange home front! You and I have now been asked to stay at home in order to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus for about 40 days–give or take a few. You’ve had time to deep clean the house, do all the puzzles and finish that project you have been putting off. To make matters more challenging, my governor just canceled all public schools for the rest of the calendar year. Let’s face it. You are I are stuck at home. The question is, what do we do to make the most of the opportunity? Today I’m going to give you 21 things to do when you are stuck at home.

Most of the time I spend a lot of time working to stir your faith and mine in the deep spiritual places that land where we live. But today I want to move into the extremely practical. I am here to offer 21 things to do you might not think of while you are stuck at home. Some of these will be perfect for families. Others include everyone, regardless of your situation or season in life. For certain, they go beyond most of the lists I consulted which suggested things like, “draw a picture, learn a language, or do yoga.” If you are looking for that sort of thing, just Google it. These should be fun, meaningful, and offer a way to buy back the time we have been given.

So let’s get started.

21 Things to Do Stuck at Home

#1: Read a book with your family (of 21 Things)

Not just any book. Read Take Heart by Matt Chandler. We just finished reading it at night. It’s totally approachable with teens and applicable for what we are going through today.

#2: Start a gratitude journal (of 21 Things)

You can easily find a cute one on-line, but a spiral notebook will do. Now is the perfect time for thinking about all the good God has done and been in your life, not to mention all you and I have for which to be thankful.

#3: Have a virtual slumber party (of 21 Things)

Make a plan to get together virtually with your besties and Zoom together. Make it fun. Pick a theme. But don’t neglect to get together, even if it’s for a few minutes.

#4: Digital Escape Rooms (of 21 Things)

Maybe you have experienced a physical Escape Room but did you know there are tons of digital Escape Rooms set up in much the same way? Hail the librarians and critical thinking teachers of the world! By Thursday my twins have finished everything they could possibly do plus they yardwork. Praise God for these people! Here is a starting point but there are oh so many more-

#5: Hold your own Egg Olympics (of 21 Things)

The rules are simple. The Olympics have not been postponed. They are happening on your property. Each person must have an egg as their Olympian. Your egg must be able to make it through various death-defying events on your property. This is where Pinterest is your bestie. You can spread this out over a week or more, or get it done in an afternoon. Include neighbors, your life-group, and family would also be appropriate. Of course, pictures and medals are always encouraged.

#6: Secret Church, with David Platt (of 21 Things)

Visit April 24, there is a Simulcast, from 6 pm-midnight or 1 am. God, Government, and the Gospel. There is a small fee. And yes, you need to download the notebook. We just did one from 2018 with our teens on Good Friday. I cannot say enough good about trying out this resource.  There are older ones available, just check it out. But know that it’s not light or easy. And it’s not at a reasonable pace. Expect to be challenged and changed.

#7: Read-alouds by the actual authors and significant others (of 21 Things)

There are so many authors reading books aloud on-line. Just take a look. I even found Olaf the snowman from Frozen reading books. I also discovered a program from the International Space Station using astronauts to read books from Space!

#8: Christmas over Corona (of 21 Things)

Forget Faith over Fear — we need Christmas over Corona. Go all out to turn your May into a beautiful winter holiday. Make Christmas cookies, dig out that Christmas Sweater, watch a Christmas movie or two, make ornaments, and turn up the Christmas music. Then, think of someone who loves Christmas and Facetime them with some caroling. That will be sure to brighten someone’s day, even if it only makes them laugh.

#9: Support a local business (of 21 Things)

Buy something take-out and deliver it to your neighbor. Use this gesture to build a relationship and help save a local business owner. Drop it on the porch. Write a note. You know the one–the person you really don’t want to serve or give anything to who really needs to Gospel. That’s the one. This is your moment.

#10: Hold a family talent contest (of 21 Things)

Gather on Zoom or live in your living room. You could even organize a neighborhood one or something with friends. Yes, I’m serious. Set a date in the future. Make tickets if you need to, but make it a real event. This is your moment to reveal that hidden obscure talent.

#11: Hold a Minute to Win it game night (of 21 Things)

Minute to win it games are easy peasy. Again, go to Pinterest. You probably already have everything you need. Or if my ideas are too over the top just have a Spade’s marathon or any card game. But set the time aside and be intentional about spending time together. Make it fun.

#12: Organize a Book Club (of 21 Things)

I may have told you a few weeks ago, but I have been walking our new puppies so much – I’m in the neighborhood out and about so much more – I got myself invited to a BYOB party and I went. I went because I have been praying for opportunities to meet these girls and this one was thrown in my lap. Walking in my yoga pants, I took my Dr. Pepper down to the girl’s backyard and we all sat 6 ft apart. That’s where I met this one woman I made a connection with. We’ve been texting and I have found a way to start that friendship. I just got invited to my second gathering.

But here is what really upset me about me. The woman who lived in my house BEFORE me knew everyone because she hosted parties and sold boutique-y type clothes and jewelry. Everyone knew her and loved her. This girl moved here about three months ago and she has hosted us to drink it up in her back yard now twice – and what have I done? Nothing? Because these people are not going to come to a bible study or my life group that meets in my home. They just aren’t there.

Taking my own advice

As a result of reading my #1 suggestion, I am praying about my #12 in my own backyard. Start a book club. Maybe we will have to do it virtually at first. I’m not doing it because I need another thing to do, but because I need to be in relationship with people I live around. I need to know them and get involved with their lives – even though they will be very different than mine – making choices I’m likely not going to approve of. This is living out the Gospel in my sphere of influence. Think about your own. What could you do in your sphere of influence to get to know who you live around so that they might know who Jesus is?

#13: Organize your pictures (of 21 Things)

Mine were in boxes. This is my corona project. I’m only 15 years behind right now, but I’m making progress!

#14: Clean out the pantry or a closet (of 21 Things)

Don’t do the entire house! Pick one thing. Do that.

#15: Learn a Bible verse per week (of 21 Things)

I know we all planned on doing this in January. Then February. March was a complete disaster as you well know. Today is a great time to begin again. You can easily get these anywhere. Do what works for you. I try a number of things to get it in. I’m going to post a series this week called Flourish in Your Present, centered on verses for this period. It’s a digital Download of 8 one-sided 4×4 cards that go along with the YouVersion Reading Plan coming out April 30, Flourish in Your Present. I just sent mine to Walgreens to print for less than $5, So check back for the links.

#16: Clean out your purse / or your car (of 21 Things)

I put purse because God only knows what some of you are carrying around and how long it’s been there! It’s time. I added your car for people who make their vehicle their second bedroom or office. Get all those cups full of old mints and melted gum with toothpicks and wrappers and stale french fries out of there! This is a great time to throw those solo cups out with the receipts you don’t need and the old mail you are never going to look at. You know who you are.

#17: Have a tea party (of 21 Things)

Use all the dishes BECAUSE You have all the dishes! You can make it simple or more complex. You might come up with a craft or some activity to do together and have someone make the food. I recently saw this friend of mine organize one. Some people decided what was needed: a person organized it, they made the pastries, gathered the materials for the crafts, and delivered these to whoever wanted to participate for $x amount per person. On a certain day at a certain time, they all did it together – with a hashtag and took pictures. Even if you aren’t together you could so something like it, virtually. It’s something to think about as Mother’s Day is approaching.

#18: Check-in with your local food Bank for needs (of 21 Things)

You can host a virtual food drive at some of these banks. Just go to their websites to see what the needs are.  See how you can give back to the community right now. I know our neighboring county has set a date to come out and pick up bags of nonperishables. Keep your eyes and ears open to the needs.

#19. Listen to Podcasts (of 21 Things)

Favorites: The Briefing, Albert Mohler; John Piper, Desiring God; Focus on the Family

#20. Use the Bible App, YouVersion (of 21 Things)

Do a reading plan with friends! Next week I have a new one coming out, Flourish in Your Present, and Help for the Discouraged is my most popular one given the state of things, but find one and ask your friends to do it with you. If you would like to do plans with me, just become a subscriber and I send out a link. We generally do every plan I release together and more.

#21: Lego challenge of the day (of 21 Things)

There are lots of calendars for finding lego challenges, with tons of variety and levels of difficulty. Just find what works for you. I picked one to link for you so you could get a taste of what’s available.

BONUS: Hold a night of worship in your living room

Christian artists are like me and anyone else who holds events with larger than a gathering of TEN people. They’ve all been canceled. YET- ministry still goes on. The Nashville types have found a solution by holding living room sessions. And it’s fabulous. Just Google your favorites. See if they are doing any living room sets. Generally, announcements are made posting times and dates. Make plans to sing along in worship, not only providing quality time but draws our thoughts upward. Now that’s a bonus.

There you have it. Hopefully, adding these 21 things will help you navigate the next days of this season while you are stuck at home.

Pursuing the Lofty Mom Life

Pursuing the Lofty Mom Life

Podcast #27

Most of the time you and I are content to remain in the trenches. Living life, wiping noses, checking our social media status, and keeping up with the Jones. But that’s not what God intended for your Mom Life. This episode lifts our eyes to who and what God intends us to be in all it’s beauty to pursue the lofty. This episode of the She Yearns Podcast is the newest installment in the new series, More Than a Blur–Making Motherhood Matter. You and I are to do more than the average getting along and scooting by. Pursuing the Lofty Mom Life takes us through exactly how Scripture outlines this reality and how to make it our reality.


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