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Cultivating Intimacy with The Abide Prayer Journal

Cultivating Intimacy with The Abide Prayer Journal

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding moments of stillness and connection can often seem like a distant dream. Yet, amidst the chaos, there exists a gentle invitation from the Divine, beckoning us to abide in His presence.

Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. John 15:4

Imagine yourself on a back porch somewhere beautiful, sitting at a table with two comfortable chairs, drinking your coffee or tea. It’s peaceful and still enough to think or even read without interruption. In the other chair is your closest friend. Here you two have been sharing the peaceful bliss, solving world hunger, and laughing until your stomach muscles ache for years.

Jesus invites us to abide, or to live with Him. It is this kind of intimacy that Jesus wants with you and with me. He wants to sit with us as we settle down in our imaginary comfy chair on the make believe porch, focusing on Him and His Word.

Too often, many of us don’t know what to do with the quietness or the relationship. That’s where journaling comes in.

Foster Intimacy with God using a Prayer Journal

It’s in these quiet moments that the Abide Prayer Journal becomes not just a tool, but a cherished companion, guiding us deeper into the heart of relationship with our Savior.

Inspired by the timeless words of Jesus in John 15:5, the Abide Prayer Journal is more than just a collection of pages; it’s an oasis of intimacy, a sanctuary for the soul. With its elegant design and thoughtful layout, it beckons us to pause, to reflect, and to commune with the One who knows us intimately.

At its core, the Abide Prayer Journal is a testament to the beauty of relationship over mere followship. It reminds us that we are invited not just to walk alongside our Savior, but to dwell in His presence, to find our rest in His embrace. As we turn its pages, we are met with beautiful spaces to pour out our hearts, to record our thoughts, and linger in His Word.

With 120 pages of carefully crafted content, the Abide Prayer Journal serves as a gentle guide, leading us through moments of prayer, reflection, and gratitude. Whether we’re just beginning to explore the depths of prayer or seeking to deepen our existing practices, it meets us where we are, gently nudging us forward on our journey of faith.

More Than a Tool for Personal Growth

But the Abide Prayer Journal is more than just a tool for personal growth; it’s a gift—a tangible expression of love for ourselves or for those dear to us. Its hardbound cover speaks of durability and longevity, a testament to the enduring nature of our relationship with our Creator. And its compact size ensures that we can carry it with us wherever we go, allowing us to cultivate intimacy with God amidst the busyness of life.

So, as you enter this next season, allow me to encourage you to pull up a couple of comfortable chairs, with your coffee, a Bible, and the Abide Prayer Journal in hand, and abide with Jesus.

Accept the invitation in John 15:5 Jesus offers to you—a call to abide, to rest, and to find your truest self in the presence of the One who loves you beyond measure. Order your copy of the journal, and let the pages be a sanctuary for your soul, a sacred space where heaven touches earth, and where intimacy with God becomes not just a possibility, but a beautiful reality.

As you carve out moments of stillness amidst the chaos, may you discover afresh the joy of abiding in His love, and may the Abide Prayer Journal be your faithful companion every step of the way.

For His glory,

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Elevate Your Prayer Life with Scripture

Elevate Your Prayer Life with Scripture

Hey there! Ever find your mind wandering when you’re trying to pray? Does it seem like every time you sit down to talk with God, distractions come knocking? Your to-do list, that brilliant idea, or the sudden need to jot something down can easily steal your focus. I get it. I’ve been there, wrestling with distractions that diluted the power of my prayers. That was until I discovered a game-changing strategy – incorporating Scripture into my prayers. Today, I’m passing along the playbook so you, too, can use the profound impact of Scripture to elevate your prayer life.

What’s the buzz about?

Let’s dive into the big deal, with six game-changing benefits of infusing Scripture into your prayer life.

#1 More Focus – Less Distraction

Distractions can sabotage prayer time, but Scripture acts as a guide, anchoring your thoughts and keeping your mind from wandering. It’s the ultimate tool for maintaining focus and voicing what truly matters.

Have you ever felt like your prayers were a laundry list of distractions? Picture this: as you begin to pray, your mind races through the demands of the day, darting from one concern to the next. That’s the struggle I faced until I stumbled upon a powerful strategy – weaving Scripture into my prayers.

#2 Helps You Learn What to Pray

Ever feel unsure about what to pray? The Bible houses over 650 prayers, 25 of which Jesus prayed. It’s a goldmine of guidance when you’re at a loss for words or wondering about your motives. Take cues from the Psalms or other relatable passages to express your heart.

“But I, O LORD, cry to you; in the morning my prayer comes before you.” Psalm 88:13

“Indeed, God is my salvation; I will trust in him and not be afraid, for the LORD, the LORD, himself, is my strength and my song. He has become my salvation.” Isaiah 12:2

#3 Reminds You of Who God Is

In the chaos of life, it’s easy to forget who God is. Scripture serves as a reminder of His character – merciful, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in steadfast love, and faithfulness.

“But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.” Psalm 86:15

#4 Reminds You of Who You Are

We all need a reminder of our identity in Christ. Scripture reassures you that you are set free, yoke broken, and enabled to live in freedom.

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, so that you would no longer be their slaves. I broke the bars of your yoke and enabled you to live in freedom.” Leviticus 26:13

#5 Keeps Your Heart and Mind on Him

When we are busy praying God’s Word back to Him, our thoughts cannot be centered on our own problems. The focus moves from our problems to God Himself, offering peace in the midst of trouble.

“Turn my eyes from looking at what is worthless; give me life in your ways.” (Psalm 119:36)

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me.” (Psalm 138:7)

When you pray God’s Word, you are more likely to be praying prayers more in line with His desires and heart than without utilizing Scripture. Doing so, gives a greater sense of surety when we pray. We leave off worrying if we’re doing it right, or if He will bother listening. Our confidence grows when we align our words with those who have gone before us, because we can be more sure what we ask is in line with His agenda.

#6 Reassures You of God’s Care

In moments of fear and even doubt, Scripture reassures you that God is for you, caring and intent on helping.

“The LORD is for me; I will not be afraid.” (Psalm 118:6)

“When I am afraid, I will trust in you. In God, whose Word I praise, in God I trust; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” (Psalm 56:3-4)

Did I mention more focus – less distraction? Yes, but it’s here AGAIN because we need it. Armed with verses to pray, my heart and mind align with God’s, keeping personal concerns and worries at bay. As this is where many of us lose the effectiveness of our prayers, let’s look at the “how” of putting this all together

How Can You Elevate Your Prayer Life?

Set a Dedicated Time and Place

Carve out at least 15 distraction-free minutes daily for focused prayer.

Finding a quiet time and space for prayer can seem like an elusive luxury in our fast-paced lives. Yet, it’s a crucial step in creating an environment where your body and mind can join together in prayer. Find a spot free from external disturbances, allowing you to connect with God without interruption.

Journal Your Thoughts and Prayers

Consider journaling your prayers – it’s a powerful way to connect with God.

Journaling has been a game-changer in my prayer life. Putting pen to paper helps me articulate my thoughts, fears, and joys before God. It turns my prayer time into a conversation, a written exchange between me and my Creator. I’ve posted a few available below. Be sure to check out the entire journal collection through The Stirring Faith Company.

plaid collection journalbe still journal

flourish journal abide journal

Use Scripture Cards to Elevate Your Prayer Life

Use Scripture cards like the ones available to easily integrate verses into your prayers.

Having a set of Scripture cards at your fingertips is like having a wellspring of inspiration. They provide a tangible connection to God’s Word, allowing you to infuse your prayers with the richness of Scripture. And they are pretty (at least my favorites are). We have several different sets available I think you will love.


Go Digital with a Prayer App

Since I always have my phone, a few years ago, I tried finding a prayer app to use in addition to these other resources. The one I settled on is free, called Echo. It’s super simple to use, giving you two options, only. You can either 1) pray, or 2) add a prayer. That’s it. Nothing fancy. But I have been able to cut and paste parts of Scripture into my prayers, catalogue what I’m praying about, and set reminders each day for people and issues for whom I want to pray.

I do not know the creators, nor do I benefit in any way from my promotion. I just believe it has been a powerful tool God has used in my own life, and I want to share it with you. In our digital age, leveraging technology for prayer can be a game-changer.

Don’t wait. Today, elevate your prayer life by unleashing the transformative power of Scripture. Let it guide your thoughts, anchor your focus, and deepen your connection with God. You will be so glad your did,

For His glory,

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Deepening Your Faith with Journaling

deepening your faith with journaling

Deepen Your Faith with Journaling

In the midst of life’s bustling pace, finding moments of connection with God can sometimes feel like a challenge. As Christian women, we yearn to nurture our relationship with the Divine, seeking solace, guidance, and a deeper understanding of our faith. Amidst this search, have you considered the incredible journey of prayer journaling? Imagine capturing your prayers, thoughts, and cherished scriptures in a tangible way, allowing them to unfold on the pages before you. Welcome to a world of joy and growth, where The Stirring Faith Company offers a range of journals designed to illuminate your path.

Unlocking the Power of Journaling

Journaling has a magical way of turning mere words into meaningful conversations with God. It’s not just about recording events; it’s about creating a space where your heart and soul can pour out in honesty. I began doing this at the kitchen table with nothing more than a hurting heart and a spiral notebook when I was fifteen years old. Journaling has been part of my faith journey ever since. When we lift our thoughts and prayers to paper, we create a lasting record of our spiritual journey. The act of journaling helps us connect with God on a profound level, fostering self-awareness, gratitude, and a greater sense of purpose. I have never been the same.

Introducing The Stirring Faith Company Journals

deepening faith journaling

This is why I began designing journals, now available here through The Stirring Faith Company or Amazon. At The Stirring Faith Company, we understand the importance of tailoring journaling experiences to suit your unique spiritual journey. Our range includes two distinct varieties: guided journals and unguided journals.

1. Guided Journals: Your Pathway to Deeper Reflection

  • Boundless Gratitude Journal: Cultivate a heart of gratitude through intentional reflections. This guided journal leads you to discover the beauty in every aspect of your life.

boundless gratitude journal

  • Abide: Immerse yourself in the practice of abiding in Christ. With verses and prompts, this journal encourages you to stay connected to the Vine and bear fruit.

abide journal

  • The Journal for Waiting Well: In seasons of waiting, it’s easy to become impatient. This guided journal offers meditative prompts and scriptures that help you find purpose and peace in the waiting.

waiting well journal

  • The Journal for Responding to Love: Love is a cornerstone of the Christian faith. This journal guides you through reflections on God’s love and how to extend that love to others.

journal for responding to love

Unguided Journals: Your Blank Canvas for Spiritual Expression

  • Choose Joy: Blank pages, like an open sky, invite you to express your thoughts, prayers, and feelings. Let joy be your guide as you pour out your heart.

choose joy journal

  • The Plaid Collection Notebook: With its charming design, this notebook is your companion for personal expressions of faith and reflections on God’s goodness.

plaid collection journal

  • Be Still and Know Journal: In the quiet moments, find solace within the unguided pages of this journal. Use it to reflect, meditate, and draw closer to God through stillness.

be still journal

  • Flourish: Just as a garden flourishes with diverse blooms, let your thoughts and prayers flourish within the unlined pages of this journal.

flourish journal

Embrace the Transformative Journey

Prayer journaling is more than a creative outlet; it’s a transformative journey. As you put pen to paper, you’ll witness the unfolding and movement of your thoughts, prayers, and understanding of Scripture. The guided journals by The Stirring Faith Company are like gentle companions, leading you through themes that resonate with your spiritual path. These prompts, verses, and quotes serve as stepping stones, guiding you toward a deeper relationship with God and a greater awareness of His presence.

On the other hand, the unguided journals offer a canvas for your soul to unfold freely. With blank pages awaiting your touch, you have the freedom to create your own structure and rhythm. These journals become a personal sanctuary where you can reflect, pray, and explore your faith without constraints.

The Joyful Harvest of Journaling

Imagine looking back at the pages of your journal, witnessing the growth, the answered prayers, and the evolving relationship with God. Time and time again, this has strengthened my faith by reminding me of Who God is and what He has done in my life at the perfect time. Your journal becomes a testimony of your journey—a tangible reminder of how far you’ve come and a beacon of hope for the path ahead.

Whether you’re drawn to the guided journals that gently lead you or the unguided journals that grant you creative freedom, The Stirring Faith Company provides a range to suit every Christian woman’s approach to prayer journaling.

Step into a Deeper Connection

Are you ready to embark on a journey of joy, growth, and deeper connection? Prayer journaling is your invitation to embrace the transformative power of recording your prayers, thoughts, and scriptures. Let The Stirring Faith Company journals be your companions on this sacred expedition, guiding you towards a more profound relationship with God. Choose the journal that resonates with your heart, and let the pages become a testament to your faith journey—a cherished testimony of your walk with the Divine.

For His glory,

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refresh your soul

Bay Area Day 4

Bay Area Day 4

Prayer Guide for Psalm 124

Welcome. We are in the midst of the first few days of a 21-day initiative put forth by my pastor, Bryan Haynes, at Bay Area Church, calling us to a fervent time of prayer and fasting. The focus is on the Psalms of Ascents leading up to Easter and then continues with the book of John until the days are complete. If you would like to listen to his message you can get it here. I created a printable prayer guide to go along with the readings. 

You will find Day 4: Psalm 124 below, with room to write notes, journal your thoughts, and prayers during this time.

To download, just click on the graphic and a link to a PDF version will pop up. There are two options: Bullet Journal if you like your lines spread out and a more classic style. Later today I will add a masculine version, by request.

Bay Area Prayer Guide Day 4

bay area day 4 bay area day 4


I’m so glad you are joining in because we need to pray and pray fervently. Check back here each day for your daily download. I’m thankful to be in this with you!

If you would like to start at the beginning, you can find Day One HERE

For personal use only,

How Do I Read the Bible

How Do I Read the Bible

Podcast #29

It sounds so basic but many of us are wondering how to read the Bible. You might be eager to learn what it says and have no idea what to do. Or maybe you are searching for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. You know you should read the Bible. And you’ve tried. Maybe you have made many prior attempt, but the consistency to stick with it is not there. You know people who are actually doing this well. What’s the secret? You ask yourself, “How do I do that?” In this episode, How Do I Read the Bible, of the She Yearns Podcast, Cheri will help you answer this question and more.

This introduces a new series, How Do I Do That? that hopes to meet you in the most basic Christian disciplines. You can now find How Do I Read the Bible, and other episodes of the She Yearns Podcast from iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, or SoundCloud. Just click on the links below! As always, you can scroll down and listen right here!

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