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Discovering Deeper Love

Discovering Deeper Love

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound spiritual growth, delving into the depths of Deeper Love? Join us as we dive deep into the essence of loving God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength with our latest 8-week Bible study, “Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment.”

Introducing “Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment” Bible Study

overcoming hindrances

In this transformative study, we unpack the profound words of Jesus as He breaks down the greatest commandment into four distinct ways of loving God. What if there’s more to this commandment than meets the eye? Suppose understanding and living out these principles could revolutionize your spiritual walk and lead you into a deeper love relationship with God?

What Can I Expect from the Bible Study?

Allow me to invite you to explore the significance of each facet of loving God wholeheartedly. Chapter One, “When Life is Hindered,” confronts the barriers that hinder our love for God and seeks to unravel the question: Why do we struggle to love God with our entire being?

Subsequent chapters delve deeper into each aspect of loving God, examining examples from Scripture that illuminate both the pitfalls and the pathways to Deeper Love. From the wavering heart to the overwhelmed mind, from the strength that moves mountains to the soul satisfied in love, we explore what it truly means to live out the greatest commandment in every facet of our lives.

Each chapter is meticulously crafted into five days of study, providing ample opportunity for reflection, introspection, and application as you journey towards Deeper Love. Whether you’re studying individually or in a group setting, you’ll find practical insights and transformative truths to apply to your daily life.

Part of a Larger Plan

This study is part of the Following God Discipleship series from AMG Publishers, designed to equip believers with practical tools for spiritual growth. Alongside the study book, we offer a comprehensive Leader’s Guide and six original teaching sessions to enrich your group experience as you delve deeper into Deeper Love together.

Get Ready!

Ready to embrace Deeper Love and deepen your relationship with God? “Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment” is available at leading online retailers, like Amazon, and our shop. It’s also available right here at The Stirring Faith Company. Special pricing is available for group purchases of more than 15 books. (Contact me for pricing.) So gather your friends and embark on this transformative journey of faith into Deeper Love.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your relationship with God. Discover the abundant life found in loving Him wholeheartedly. Join us as we journey together into Deeper Love!








For His glory,

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Overcoming Hindrances to Loving God Wholeheartedly

Overcoming Hindrances to Loving God Wholeheartedly

In the journey of faith, one of the most profound commands Jesus gives us is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength (Mark 12:30). Yet, as Christian women seeking to deepen our relationship with God, we often find ourselves grappling with hindrances that derail us from wholehearted devotion. These obstacles can subtly creep into our lives, hindering us from fully embracing the Greatest Commandment. Let’s explore four common obstacles and discover strategies for overcoming these hindrances to wholehearted devotion.


Perhaps the most obvious hindrance to loving God wholeheartedly is sin. Whether it’s pride, selfishness, or unconfessed wrongdoing, sin erects barriers in our relationship with God. Eye-opening to me, was the realization that NOT loving God with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, sinning. Half-hearted devotion is not acceptable any more than stealing half an outfit from Target. Whole-hearted pursuit is required of every Believer, not simply for the few looking for extra spiritual points. Sin, my friend, is serious. Therefore, it’s essential for each of us to recognize it’s destructive nature of sin, repent of it, and seek forgiveness and restoration through Christ’s redeeming love. Embracing a posture of repentance opens the door to deeper communion with God.

Believing and Trusting God

Another obstacle we encounter is a lack of faith and trust in God’s character and promises. This has been the most crippling factor in my Christian life. When faced with challenges or uncertainties, I have struggled to believe God will be faithful to me, although I have full assurance, He will be faithful to you. Maybe you have, as well.

Doubt can overshadow our confidence in His sovereignty and goodness. However, cultivating a steadfast faith requires, first believing what the Bible teacher, and making intentional efforts and surrendering our worries and anxieties to God. As we meditate on His Word and recall His faithfulness in the past, our trust in Him grows, enabling us to us to live unhindered.

Forgetting who God is and what He can do

Sometimes, it’s not a belief issue, but a remembering one. We tend to have a sort of spiritual amnesia regarding God’s greatness and power. This forgetfulness can cause us to other helps to get us out of the jam we are in, or alternative places for solace and help. To combat this hindrance, you and I must remind ourselves of His faithfulness in the past, so that this record fuels our faith about the future. .


Of the hindrances we have mentioned so far, fear is probably the most effective for keeping us from loving God wholeheartedly. Fear often paralyzes us and inhibits our ability to trust. Whether it’s fear of failure, rejection, or the unknown, it can hold us back from fully surrendering to God’s will. However, God repeatedly assures us in His Word that He has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). Overcoming the fear to lean into God with everything we are requires risk. And the control-freaks we are, struggle to loosen our death grips on the management of, well, everything.

But living this way will never lead us to wholehearted devotion.

It’s time to let it go—whatever it is you are currently afraid of.

There is a better way. And I want to help get you on the right path.

Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment is an 8-week study, published by AMGovercoming hindrances Publishers, that delves into practical insights and timeless truths that will empower you to get rid of what hinders in order to embrace wholehearted devotion to God. It looks at Biblical examples of what it looks like to love God with all our hearts, all our minds, all our strength, and all our souls. Through engaging Scripture study, reflection questions, and application exercises, you’ll discover how to overcome the obstacles that are hindering you, and experience the abundant life found in loving God wholeheartedly. If you are ready to leave half-hearted pursuit or spotty devotion behind, this is the study for you.

May our lives be a testament to His unfailing love and glory as we pursue wholehearted devotion to Him.

For His glory,


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7 Ways to Fall in Love with God

7 ways to fall in love with God

7 Ways to Fall in Love with God

by Cheri Strange, Ph.D.

Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast 

I’m really glad you stopped by. This week we are starting a new series: Truths Jesus Taught. 


7 Ways to Fall in Love with God, Episode #405

Each episode will take a closer look at what Jesus actually taught and what it means for you and me in our day-to-day lives. The perfect place to begin is with a big one. What did Jesus believe was the most important commandment in terms of following God? When asked, he responded with loving God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. But honestly, sometimes we are not exactly clear on how that plays out in daily life or even where to begin. How do we fall in love with God? It’s not rocket science, but there are some things we can learn and do. There is no reason to stand far off when the expectation is that we come near. Scroll down to join us today for 7 Ways to Fall in Love with God.

Join us on the podcast, but did you know there is more? We have created some resources for you to utilize in your own study time, to come along beside you while we are in this series.

Truths Jesus Taught Reading Plan

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You can also use this resource to take with you to coffee with a friend or sit with a small group and talk about the topic together. It’s a quick low prep to no prep way to have a deeper discussion about relevant Gospel-centered topics that matter to your everyday lives. So don’t wait! Sign up today. If you enjoyed today’s episode, 7 Ways to Fall in Love with GodJoy in the Hard Things is a really applicable episode for what we are experiencing right now. You can find it here if you are interested.

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soul care

soul care

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Click the image to listen to the previous series, beginning with Episode #401.

should I yearn for God


Thank you for listening,7 ways to fall in love with God


Day 10: He Waits for You

Day 10 banner

Bible Readings for Day 10: He Waits for You–Psalm 27:8; 42:1; Nehemiah 1:1-10; 2:1-5; Acts 9:1-8.

The King waits for you. He holds His plans for you in His hands. He tenderly speaks to you, but He will not push you out of complacency. Your God, the lover of your soul, waits for you to want Him.

We will not find our souls panting feverishly for anything other than ourselves in a rushed fifteen-minute “quiet time,” in a frantic completion of our group studies, or in a prayer life consisting of our own concerns and the concerns of the ones we cherish. The glorious enlightenment experienced by those whose souls pant for God (the kind that illuminated the very face of Moses) resulted from the discovery that God does not have to conform to our fractured understandings resulting from our limited engagement.

In the movie Galaxy Quest, Tim Allen plays an actor in a TV series mimicking our Star Trek. Allen portrays a character similar to Captain Kirk. The movie opens with Allen and his co-stars attending a Galaxy Quest convention crowded with people dressed in costumes associated with the series. Allen meets an attendee in space garb who asks for his help. Allen misinterprets the request as a public-speaking gig and agrees to go. He finds himself in outer space on a spaceship identical to the one he pretends to navigate, fighting alien enemies. When he returns to earth, he hysterically reports to his undaunted crew, “It’s real! It’s all real!”

At some point in time, those whose souls panted feverishly after God came to this conclusion: He’s really real! And there is nothing on this planet that can compare to the thrill of Him! Their lives began to take on a dimension I can only describe as spiritually derived passion.

The signature of those who leave lives of complacency in exchange for the lives God dreams them to live is passion. Intensity, fervent devotion, and inexplicable joy, even amid adversity, exude from a passionate follower of Christ.

Both Nehemiah and Paul accomplished greatness for the kingdom. Their compulsion came from within. One simply possessed an acute awareness of God and His promises for His people. The other experienced a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. Both allowed God to change the direction of their lives, putting aside previous dreams to pursue something bigger than themselves.

Spiritual encounters with Jesus continue to have the same effect on people today.

Let’s not keep Him waiting to be wanted.


He Waits for You from Cheri Strange on Vimeo.

Psalm 27.8 Printable

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Day 9: Dream Big Expectant Dreams

Day 9 Banner

Bible Readings for Day 9: Dream Big Expectant Dreams–Genesis 18:14; Amos 7:14-15; Matthew 14:15-16; Mark 9:22-23; Ephesians 2:10.

Along this journey of seeking what it looks like to love God with my entire mind, there is one lesson I need continuously drilled into my hard head. As you read through the lesson today, please know that both the subject and the pointed presentation are directed at myself before anyone else. I need it this way. I wonder if you need it this way too.

Stop thinking so small! Stop talking yourself out of believing that God can accomplish the miraculous using your life. Take back the promises and methods of God you have rejected because you thought they couldn’t possibly be meant for you. Take them back by letting go!

God does not call us to small thinking. Small thinking results from a lack of exposure to the Word and a lack of ownership of the Word. Today, let the Word of God speak possibility and limitlessness over you. Maybe you have never given God the opportunity to dream with your life. Maybe you are afraid to take that next step for fear you will be disappointed. Maybe you feel insignificant, convinced small is just your size. Leave it behind. Small thinking limits who we become and what we are able to accomplish in the Lord.

The enemy knows this. He is constantly filling our minds with thoughts and ideas contrary to the Word, and even though they are opposed to the Word of God, these thoughts can make sense to me. They confine possibilities to what I can see. They confirm my own beliefs about my weaknesses. They keep me from loving the Lord with all my mind and restrain me from taking that next step of faith.

Sweet friend, it’s time for you and me to let go of small thinking. God calls His people to tasks and opportunities greater than we can imagine. Ponder the possible ramifications found in your reading today on your own life.

There is work to be done. Someone with just your personality, with your gifting, in your situation is exactly who God needs to accomplish His will (Ephesians 2:10). Anything He asks you to do is important, purposeful, and significant.


Dream Big Expectant Dreams from Cheri Strange on Vimeo.

Ephesians 2.10 printable

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