purpose of prayer

The Purpose of Prayer

What is the purpose of prayer? Whether we realize it or not, the truth is that prayer isn’t a tool to make God do what we want. Rather, it’s an aligning of our hearts to His will instead of our own. It is through this use and purpose of prayer
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Spiritual Growth

God’s Faithfulness in the Journey

Have you ever been so busy with everyday life that you didn’t realize God’s incredible faithfulness until you looked back? Sometimes, I think we take our faith and God for granted until we take a step back, look at our journey, and evaluate God’s involvement in our lives. God’s Faithfulness
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prayer for protection

A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection Do you pray for protection? I know many Christians who ask for protection over themselves, maybe a spouse, the new driver under their roof, their family, and even the car in a hailstorm? We are often enthusiastic about asking for divine intervention for health, wealth, success,
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God is for you insta

God is For You

God is For You She Prays on Friday She Prays exists for two main reasons. One reason results from the rich depository of resources I have discovered for my own prayers in Scriptures, and the second is the realization that a woman might not have anyone in her life praying

God as our Rock and Stronghold

God as our Rock and Stronghold What kind of week have you had? I ask, because the headlines are pretty gloomy, filled with bad news, scandal, horrific tragedy, and more bad news. I ask because we just lost the third young person from our church body within the last few

Responding to Times of Trouble

Responding to Times of Trouble Welcome to the She Prays on Friday edition, spotlighting Scripture and praying it over you. My aim is for your strengthening and equipping making this the most encouraging FIVE MINUTES of your day. This week I am celebrating my thirtieth wedding anniversary. That man and
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