Strategies for Empowering Gospel Conversations

In today’s fast-paced world, the opportunity to engage in deep and meaningful conversations about faith can sometimes feel daunting. However, as believers, sharing the love of Christ is a fundamental aspect of our calling. But what do we say? And how do we say it? In the next few minutes,
Spiritual Growth

Remembering God’s Faithfulness

Remembering God’s Faithfulness In the midst of life’s trials and uncertainties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or stuck in that doom and gloom spiral of negativity. Yet, as Christians, we have a powerful tool at our disposal—one that has been employed by believers throughout the ages: the practice of
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Spiritual Growth

Navigating Doubt: Four Biblical Responses

Navigating Doubt: 4 Biblical Responses to Common Spiritual Struggles Hey there, friend! Have you ever found yourself standing at the edge of doubt, questioning the very foundation of your faith? You’re not alone. According to research from The Barna Group, two-thirds of Christians face spiritual doubt at some point in
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Biblical Wallflowers: Learning from Overlooked Women of the Bible

Biblical Wallflowers: Learning from Overlooked Women of the Bible I am a wallflower by nature. You’ve seen women like me. (You might even be a woman like me.) Comfortable on the sidelines. Terrorized at the thought of speaking in the group. You’ve got nothing to say, especially compared to THEM.

Join The Strange Readers Cafe: Discover Your True Identity in Christ

Discover Your True Identity in Christ Are you longing for a sense of belonging and love in a world that often makes you feel unseen, overlooked, or left out? Do you yearn for authentic connections, but find yourself struggling to navigate through life’s challenges? If so, I invite you to

6 Powerful Prayers for Moms

6 Powerful Prayers for Moms One of the greatest gifts you can give a mom, is prayer. Can I get an AMEN?!? Whether it’s you or a woman you know, all of us in the mom category could benefit from the prayers of others. Although the Bible doesn’t label or