Breaking Free from Fear
Spiritual Growth

Breaking Free from a Spirit of Fear

Breaking Free From a Spirit of Fear by Cheri Strange, Ph.D. Have you ever opened your eyes first thing in the morning, scared silly? Before your feet hit the floor or the list of all that lies before you in the day begins, you are afraid? For whatever reason, there
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what if I doubt

What if I Doubt?

What if I Doubt? by Cheri Strange, Ph.D. Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast¬† What if I Doubt?, Episode #409 Thanks for checking out the podcast. It’s one of my favorite things! I am especially pumped about this episode. It falls in our series on Truths Jesus Taught, but from
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stronger you

Becoming a Stronger You

Becoming a Stronger You   Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast – Becoming a Stronger You Hi there. I am your host of the Stirring Faith Podcast, Cheri Strange. And I have been feeling a little weak. Slow. Puny in the arms, if you know what I mean. So much
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When God stands in the back
Spiritual Growth

When God Stands in the Back

When God Stands in the Back Welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you are here. I recently released a podcast on this same topic and it really spoke to my mom. As we are nearing Mother’s Day and we are separated in all of this Sheltering in Place COVID-19
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firm and fearless

Firm and Fearless Faith

Firm and Fearless Faith Podcast 509 Welcome to the She Prays Podcast: Firm and Fearless Faith Today’s episode is all about having a firm and FEARLESS faith in a time that is honestly nothing but fearful. If you are filled with anxiety, cooped up in your house with your toilet
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going up

Going Up When Feeling Down

Going Up When You’re Feeling Down Podcast #808 Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast – Going Up When Feeling Down Well. What a March are having. How are you doing in your new temporary normal? Today is a good time to take our gaze and turn it away from circumstances
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