path forward

Prayer for a Path Forward

Prayer for a Path Forward Are you a morning person? Honestly, mornings have never been my jam. I would rather stay up until 2:00 AM than get up before seven. Although marrying a morning person did improve my bearish behavior, it wasn’t until I picked up a pattern in Scripture
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hey there girlfriend
Hey There, Girlfriend

Start with What You Know

Welcome to Day 1 of Hey There, Girlfriend: finding courage for friendship. I’m glad you are here and hope you will stick around for the five days. What I have learned in my adult years is that most of us could use a good friend. Many of us have been
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Praying for Boldness

Praying for Boldness Did you know that the most popular foods in America are hamburgers? Hot dogs, French fries, and Oreo cookies fall in line right behind burgers. I’m sort of disappointed tacos did not make the top ten, but I find these statistical matters interesting. A researcher and question-asker,
Do You Pray

Do You Pray Expectantly?

Do You Pray Expectantly? Guest Author, Kathy Howard Get ready. Today we have the privilege of hosting Kathy Howard, a fellow Texas, just up the road. She is a great Bible teacher and devotional writer. Kathy brings us a glimpse of her new release, Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book
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Hear my prayer, Lord

Hear My Prayer, Lord

Hear My Prayer, Lord She Prays on Fridays with Cheri Strange, PhD. This is the She Prays on Friday edition of the blog, which hopes to be some of the most encouraging five minutes of your Friday. Each week on the She Prays on Friday edition we examine a portion
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When to Quit
Spiritual Growth

How to Know When to Quit

How to Know When to Quit What if the answer you have long awaited is No? How do you know when to quit? This happened to a stranger I met on an airplane once. She and I had attended the same conference in which the final speaker had posed the