Powerful Prayers for your Son

Powerful Prayers for Your Son

by Cheri Strange, PhD.

Welcome to the Stirring Faith Podcast – Powerful Prayers for Your Son

Hi there. Cheri Strange, here. In case you are just now joining us, I am your host for the Stirring Faith Podcast. This week’s episode is sort of a counterpart to follow up a discussion from last week. In this season of stress, fear, and unknowns, the impact is being felt on the next generation. Knowing exactly what to do or how to proceed is never easy and sometimes impossible at best. What we can do and should do is pray. And pray fervently. So last week we began with five powerful prayers for your daughters. You can listen to that episode HERE. This week we focus on boys, with five Powerful Prayers for Your Sons. May it bring encouragement and serve to help you and those entrusted to you.

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