Stirring Connection

Cheri Strange

day 3 stirring connection

Day 4: Stirring Connection


And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, Hebrews 10:24


Devotional Material: Stirring Connection

Could we all just agree to put our phones down and look across the room?

It’s awkward, I realize.

Do you notice the people around you? Are you cognizant of their emotional state based on their body language? How do they spend their free time? Does any relative live nearby? Have you developed connections with real live people within your sphere of influence to the degree you could recognize a need?

Unmistakably, if the Gospel is anything, it’s a collective endeavor. Sometimes we find ourselves on mission independent of others by circumstances or necessity. Other times, we isolate ourselves through other means. Neither option is optimal according to Scripture. We are commissioned through the Word of God to be involved in relationships outside of our individual pursuits for Kingdom purposes.

The challenge presented by the writer of Hebrews is that we authentically connect to such a degree, we impact each other and the world around us. You and I cannot even begin until we are in a physical and mental position to notice people.

Once we center on the individuals, we are to give serious consideration to how we stir them up to love and good deeds. That’s why observation is critical. Listening should be without headphones dangling out of our ears. Phones removed. People learned. Situations studied. Only then can we better define specific needs.

We could have been charged with achieving great things for the Kingdom employing all our talents and resources, independently. But nothing is further from reality. Instead, this writer maintains we are to “provoke” or incite each other toward accomplishing the love and good deeds. This suggests substantial effort to propel one another forward on mission with God. You need me to do this for you. And I most certainly need you.

Here is where we prayerfully lay out what we’ve learned in our people-watching before God. Ask Him to help you know what to do with those entrusted to you, and to make you aware of the needs. Who might need your encouragement so that the work will be accomplished?

May the Lord begin to give you the strength to stop going it alone. I pray He grows a love in you that draws you together with others. May He then so stir your hearts and minds in a single focus, that collectively you can make an impact that is recognizable as being the Gospel.



Leave a prayer or response below so that we can participate together as we walk this journey alongside each other.

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  1. Cheri Strange

    I don’t feel like a have a problem seeing the needs.I have a problem with my heart to meet them, or if I can’t meet them, to even spur them on to love and good deeds. In theory, I want to be that for people, to help them see God’s love and to find hope in him. But there are so many needs. I get overwhelmed with it and instead of taking it to God, I get paralyzed with it. I have gotten better at not feeling like I have to make a huge commitment, sometimes just a text or a coffee with someone is enough, But there are many someone’s and only so much time that I have (or want) to give. Sometimes i am “on” and I am really giving, listening. sometimes I am more just checking the box that I contacted them and am not only NOT caring really, but even irritated. Part of it is that some of these people it seems what ever I feel I can give (especially time-wise) is never enough. If I send a text, then they call. If I call, then they want to meet. If we meet then they want to meet again. Then I feel guilty because I am not the friend they think I am or want me to be. Then I get annoyed / angry at “having” to feel guilty. Where is the line between having boundaries and just being selfish?

    1. Cheri Strange


      your opening,

      “I don’t feel like a have a problem seeing the needs. I have a problem with my heart to meet them, or if I can’t meet them, to even spur them on to love and good deeds.”

      These, too, are issues. I feel you. What I have learned is that the whole of our Christian walk is about neglecting and embracing. The key is recognizing what to neglect and what to embrace — and that is what requires us to be on our knees daily. You and I can’t do it on our own. It’s a work of the Holy Spirit in us. So to the question of where are the boundaries? Only God knows for YOU. That’s frustrating, I know. No cookie-cutter answer. But it’s the same one big deals like John Piper would offer. It’s all about hearing well and acting on what we hear while accepting the grace to not be perfect, letting God deal with all that is not getting attended to. But at the same time, being willing to spend ourselves on others as He directs. What great questions!!!! What a good and honest response to your own heart. You are not alone.
      I’m wondering if anyone else has any thoughts?
      Thanks, Karen, for walking this way in such an open way!

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