Redefining Me Event

Redefining Me Event

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards rediscovering your true self? Cheri Strange brings you “Redefining Me,” a powerful speaking event inspired by her book, “Can You See Me, Now? Good News for the Lonely, Left Out, and Less Than.” In this engaging session, Cheri peels back the layers of loneliness and invisibility, sharing her personal story while weaving in powerful examples from the Bible. This event offers hope and practical strategies to move from feeling insignificant and overlooked to living truly seen, known, and loved by a God who has a unique purpose for each one of us.

Can You See Me, Now? can be delivered in 1 – 3, :45 minute sessions.

3-Session Option

Session 1: Unveiling the Lonely Wallflower

Step into Cheri’s personal journey of loneliness and feeling overlooked, realizing you’re not alone in these emotions. Discover hope in the stories of seemingly insignificant women in the Bible who played crucial roles in God’s grand narrative.

Session 2: Living Loved and Visible

Explore the transformative journey from feeling insignificant to living loved and visible, even in unchanging circumstances. Drawing inspiration from biblical figures like John the Baptist and James, learn what it means to stand out in all the right ways.

Session 3: Strategies for Transformation

Delve into practical strategies for becoming visible in your life. Cheri provides five actionable steps that attendees can implement immediately, offering a roadmap for a vibrant and purposeful life.

Bring Cheri Strange’s “Redefining Me” to your group, and let the transformative journey begin! This captivating event promises not only to resonate with every woman’s heart but also to equip them with practical tools for a profound transformation. Choose “Redefining Me” for an unforgettable experience that encourages, empowers, and leaves your attendees ready to step into a new season of visibility and purpose.

Redefining Me Resources

Questions: Small group questions are available for discussions to take place after each session, if desired.

Slide deck: Cheri can produce slides, such as a PowerPoint presentation for each desired session.

Program: Generally she uses a half-sheet program (or booklet) made of 8.5×11 regular paper to help guide participants throughout the event. She will customize this for your event.

Add-ons: Also available as an add-on to your event ticket are Scripture Cards (retails for $10.00) and a theme Journal (retails at The Stirring Faith Co. for $8.00/each). These can be purchased for your group together or separately at a group discount.




Scripture Cards: Set of 12- cards (plus the cover) with Scriptures represented in the sessions to help impress the Word of God and His plan for His people to be profoundly fruitful. High quality 4×4 card stock.




Book: Cheri’s book, Can You See Me, Now? Good News for the Lonely, Left Out, and Less Than is a perfect add on for this retreat. Contact Cheri and ask her about the conference attendee discount.

YouVersion: On YouVersion you will discover a variation of this topic as a daily devotional. It is free and available any time.