Made For More Event

What if the life of a Christian was made for more?

More than your average church-going, sin-avoiding, morally high belief system. Suppose, among other things, God’s call to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength is not simply a demand from a dogmatic deity–but an appropriate response to a God who loves the unlovable, the mistake-laden, and the half-hearted? What if you and I have been living a lesser life because we’ve got the basics of love all wrong? In Made for More, Cheri leads participants toward experiencing life as God designed: as a magnificent display of His splendor.

This series includes 2-4 sessions.

Session 1: Made New – based on 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” Cheri lays the foundation for who God designs his children to be, and what keeps us from it. Participants will:

  • Discover Biblical truths of how God views us.
  • Uncover hindrances we typically experience that keep us from living out the most important commandment.
  • Become equipped with strategies for navigating these hindrances and avoiding old thinking.
  • Learn practical strategies for embracing who God is making them to be, for utilizing in everyday life.

Session 2: Take Heart – based on the Greatest Commandment, Deuteronomy 6:4-5, “Hear, O Israel: The LORD is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might.” Cheri delves into who the Bible declares God to be, inviting participants to consider our current understanding of His relating with us and our relating with Him—getting to the heart of the matter. Participants will:

  • Discover the essence of the Greatest Commandment and our requirements toward it.
  • Explore what it looks like, in the Bible and through the lives of those who have walked before us, to love God with all your heart.
  • Be equipped with practical ways we can make loving God with all our hearts line up with what it is to live as A New Creation.

Session 3: Becoming a Good Steward – based on the parable of the good steward (Matthew 25:14-30). When the woman who begins to realize that when God calls us to love Him and love others –it’s is not some dogmatic demand, but a response to a God who loves us first –who reaches for the unworthy, rescues us from even ourselves, and redeems us for Himself, her life begins to reflect this love and work of Jesus.

But you might be thinking – “That’s all familiar and good. What should I do to reflect the love and work of Jesus in my regular day to day life?” The answer looks a lot like becoming a good steward. In this session participants will:

  • Discover the relationship between becoming a good steward, according to Jesus, and living the life we were made to live.
  • Understand what being a good steward looks like in the present.
  • Embrace three encouragements we have from Jesus in how, we too, can experience the life we were made to live.

Session 4: Possessing What God Gives – based on Judges 11:24, “Whatever the LORD our God has given us, we will possess.”

In this final session, Cheri offers ten life giving practices characterizing the woman who chooses to possess whatever the Lord has given her to possess. Experience and Biblical example confirm that as a believer life takes on these qualities, they experience a more fulfilled life. Participants will leave with ten proven practices they can begin incorporating when they walk out the door for experiencing the life they were created to live.

Sessions 3-4 can stand alone for event purposes.

Made for More Resources

Questions: Small group questions are available for discussions to take place after each session, if desired.

Slide deck: Cheri can produce slides, such as a PowerPoint presentation for each desired session.

Program: Generally, she uses a half-sheet program (or booklet) made of 8.5×11 regular paper to help guide participants throughout the event. She will customize this for your event.

Add-ons: Also available as add-on resources to your event ticket include Cheri’s 8-week Bible study, Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment, and Cheri’s 6-session video series, available for streaming or DVD.

The Made for More theme coincides with our Loved Theme, which includes an original themed journal, canvas bag, candles, apron and dishtowel from The Stirring Faith Co. These items can be purchased for your group together or separately at a group discount.

YouVersion: On the YouVersion app (or, you will discover a variation of this topic as a daily devotional. It is free and available any time.