Flourish Event

Flourish in Your Present Event

Ever feel like you just can’t be who God wants you to be? Do you find yourself wondering if there is more than what you are experiencing in following Jesus? And is there more for someone like you? Bring your expectant heart, and explore what Jesus says to his followers about abundant living. It’s not for the few. Never is the Savior in the business of holding out on His disciples. That means living an abundant fruit-bearing life (John 15:8) is within reach. Come discover how you can cooperate with God’s plan to increase your ability to become a productive bloomer of everlasting fruit.

Flourish in Your Present can be delivered in 1 – 2, :45 minute sessions.

If you select the 2-session option, the aim is the same. We want women to leave confident in who and what God has called them to be, assured of their salvation, fitted with a good understanding of what steps they should take next to experience a fierce flourishing.

Before we can determine what does it looks like to flourish in our present, we must address what keeps us from it. This session capitalizes on hindrances to a fruitful life outlined in Scripture, some of which originate with Jesus. This is a powerful and hope-filled message. Attendants will:

  • Be assured of God’s design for every Christian to be abundantly fruitful,
  • Recognize what is keeping them, or might keep them from experiencing a fierce flourishing,
  • Identify what practical steps she can take to eliminate anything that might hinder her from becoming a fruit-bearing believer,
  • Be encouraged by God’s character and action in the past to work in her life just as powerfully and faithfully.

If you select the 1-session option, Cheri talks about the 7 Marks of a Prolific Bloomer. If your preference is the 2-session option, she will finish with this one. In this session, Cheri lays the groundwork for God’s call on each and every believer to bear much fruit (John 15:8). Then she spends the rest of the time working through the context for this verse in the book of John, providing real-world and Biblical examples of what it looks like to flourish in life today and beyond. Those in attendance will:

  • Bolster their belief in the universal expectation for born again Christians to “bear much fruit,”
  • Discover truths and even commonalities the Bible outlines for making flourishing a reality in everyday life,
  • Identify what she can do to start living a more fruitful life in her present circumstances.

Flourish in Your Present Resources

Questions: Small group questions are available for discussions to take place after each session, if desired.

Slide deck: Cheri can produce slides, such as a PowerPoint presentation for each desired session.

Program: Generally she uses a half-sheet program (or booklet) made of 8.5×11 regular paper to help guide participants throughout the event. She will customize this for your event.

Add-ons: Also available as an add-on to your event ticket are Scripture Cards (retails for $10.00) and a theme Journal (retails at The Stirring Faith Co. for $8.00/each). These can be purchased for your group together or separately at a group discount.




Scripture Cards: Set of 12- cards (plus the cover) with Scriptures represented in the sessions to help impress the Word of God and His plan for His people to be profoundly fruitful. High quality 4×4 card stock.






Journal: The Flourish Journal is currently available as a 6×9 inch paperback notebook filled with Cheri’s original designs (120 pages).




YouVersion: On YouVersion you will discover a variation of this topic as a daily devotional. It is free and available any time.