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Every year Cheri brings Gospel-centered messages to groups all around the country to help stir more desire for God into everyday life.
No One is Left Behind!
“Cheri’s style and personality are so inviting that she is able to touch everyone in the room,” Sharon Glasgow, Proverbs 31 Ministries
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She Can Bring it!
“The ladies loved her! Cheri’s delivery was humorous and Biblically based. Our event was a huge success,”
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The Girl Has Something to Say!
“God has called Cheri Strange to speak. She brings a depth and expertise that we need.”
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Retreat Participant, Oklahoma City, OK
“As a speaker, I found Cheri funny and strikingly powerful – an awesome combination!”
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Event Planner, Central Texas
“Cheri did an excellent job involving our women while challenging us to pursue Christ whole-heartedly,”
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Popular Speaker Topics
Flourish in Your Present

Come discover how you can cooperate with God’s plan to increase your ability to become a productive bloomer of everlasting fruit.
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Redefining Me
Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards rediscovering your true self? Inspired by her book, "Can You See Me, Now? Good News for the Lonely, Left Out, and Less Than," this event offers hope and practical strategies to move from feeling insignificant and overlooked to being truly seen, known, and loved by a God who has a unique purpose for each one of us.
Made for More

What if the life of a Christian was made for more? More than your average church-going, sin-avoiding, morally high belief system. What if you and I have been living a lesser life because we’ve got the basics of love all wrong?
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Victory Girl
Winning at What we Can't Afford to Lose

You have an enemy who has a plan for your life: to steal all you care about, kill anything he can, and destroy what you hold near and dear.
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How to Stir Up Your Faith

For the one who keeps fighting against discouragement, disappointments, and all sorts of derailments of faith--let this event be an encouragement. Hear what the Bible offers through words of hope and testimonies from those who have gone before to help stir up your faith. You will leave refreshed and encouraged, ready to believe again.

Legacy Living

Want your time on this planet to impact more than just your dog and your mom? What kind of life leaves a meaningful mark? What character does it require? What are we shooting for? Cheri addresses these questions with biblical insights, powerful examples, and strategies for walking it out in daily life.

Unleash Your Brave

Brave is not a word that typically characterizes most of us. But often the life God calls us to requires more strength and more courageous than we think have. When we would be satisfied with comfortable -- He places us in situations that are beyond us and requires a steal magnolia-type bravery. What does true biblical bravery look like in the life of a woman, and how do we acquire it? Cheri takes a look at five women in the Bible who exemplify courageous choices and living that provide examples and evidence for how we should shape our lives to be prepared for when God calls us to be brave.

How to Turn Around Doubt

Too often you and I find ourselves worrying. Over-analyzing. Agonizing over mental dramas we have played out in our minds. Before long, we can end up doubting the fundamentals of our lives. If we are not careful, we stop believing God will be faithful to us. We lose sight that He cares or will act. How do we get back? How do we turn that doubt around and get back to a place of peace? Of security? Of absolute trust in a faithful God? This session meets us where we might find ourselves time and time again. But there is hope! Cheri takes the Word of God that enables us to turn around doubt and unbelief to encourage and equip you toward a brighter today. With real-world examples and the ability to come in close, this session will offer hope and direction for all ages.