She Prays on Friday

Cheri Strange

She Prays on Friday

She Prays on Friday

Hey it’s Friday! Not only is it Friday, it’s the last Friday in the first month of 2022. That means, (among other things) there has been time for five of the ten in my family to contract Covid and just about be over it. It also means I am almost caught up from the jolt the holidays brings and the turn of the new year. I’m over here ringing in February like it’s New Year’s Eve. So, of course, today is the first day we are ushering in something new: She Prays on Friday.

Why She Prays on Friday?

For years we have made prayer a focus and decidedly marked Friday as a day when we invite people to join together to pray for each other specifically for the needs of those associated with the She Years community. I’ve tried to throw out a graphic on social media which you may or may not see depending on the algorithyms of Facebook and Instagram. But in the last two years I became dissatisfied with those efforts. Most people have needs. Real needs. Yet we are not made aware of them. I became increasingly burdened to pray over you, personally. I mean, what if you don’t have people in your life praying for you?

Unable to move away from the sense that I could do something about that, I opened up a Private Facebook group solely for prayer. People can offer their requests and literally pray for each other. AND THEY DO. Time and time again, these women respond to each other so sweetly and appropriately, often I just get to stand back and watch them minister to one another. (I will post the link to the page for you to join at the bottom of this post.)

What is She Prays on Friday?

The other action I took was developing a short five minute podcast to look at a few verses from the Bible and pray these over the listener. The most powerful way you and I can pray is to utilize the very Word of God. Honestly, it was my second podcast to develop each week and it was too much. I could not justify the time against my other responsibilities, but my desire and burden never decreased. After a long, long time of much personal prayer and deliberation with the Lord, I believe you will best be served here on the blog.

Each Friday for 2022, I will be here with a verse or a set of verses. We will spend a few minutes unpacking these and how they can meet us where we are, and then I will pray for you, the reader. I’m not sure exactly how that will always play out yet. Sometimes it might be written below. Other times it might be an audio file or even a short video. But you need to be prayed over. And it is my joy and privilege to do so.

Everything we do here will be connected to some degree with our friends over in the She Prays FB group. But it should not be repetative.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

She Prays on Friday So stick with me on Fridays, because if this girl doesn’t get anything else done for the day–She Prays for you on Friday. The first Friday is called “Seeing in the Dark.” I hope you will be here. Until then, be sure to check out the newest YouVersion plan, The Journey Toward Waiting Well. We are planning to start a group and go through it together next week. Click on the link below to join.  I pray we meet again soon.



For His Glory,



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