Sending Your Daughter Off to College: 5 Powerful Prayers for Moms

Cheri Strange

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Sending Your Daughter Off to College: 5 Powerful Prayers for Moms

Is anyone else purchasing laundry supplies, toiletries, twin XL sheets, and twinkle lights? If so, you likely possess a daughter who will be heading off to college in the next few days. This year, Daughter #5 is embarking on a journey out of state as a freshman, and it hasn’t become any easier through experience. I am fully aware of the bittersweet mixture of pride and trepidation that fill your heart as you prepare to send your daughter off to college. This momentous moment signifies growth and independence for her, as well as a time of deep soul-searching for you. Moreover, as a fellow mom who has navigated this journey and survived, I want to offer five heartfelt prayers for those of us who are entrusting our daughters into God’s hands.

Off to College Prayer #1: The Prayer for Protection

Off to College Prayer 1

Heavenly Father, I pray for a hedge of protection around my precious daughter as she embarks on this new chapter. Guard her physical safety and shield her from harmful influences. May Your presence surround her, continuously guiding her steps and watching over her night and day.

Off to College Prayer #2: The Prayer for Wisdom

Off to College Prayer 2

Lord, grant my daughter wisdom beyond her years. As she faces academic challenges, social pressures, and life decisions, may she also seek Your guidance. And let her seek You first in all things, trusting that Your wisdom will lead her on the right path.

Off to College Prayer #3: The Prayer for Faith and Resilience

Off to College Prayer 3

Dear God, I ask for a strong and unwavering faith to be planted deep within my daughter’s heart. In moments of doubt, loneliness, or difficulty, may she remember Your promises and find strength in her relationship with You. Give her the resilience to overcome obstacles and grow through every experience.

Off to College Prayer #4: The Prayer for Genuine Friendships

Off to College Prayer 4

Loving Father, I lift up a prayer for authentic and godly friendships for my daughter. Surround her with companions who will encourage her faith, support her dreams, and challenge her to be the best version of herself. May she find a community that reflects Your love and grace.

Off to College #5: The Prayer for Purpose and Direction

Off to College Prayer 5

Lord, guide my daughter’s steps as she discovers her purpose and calling in this world. Help her to discern Your voice as she explores her passions and talents, and to use them to bring glory to Your name. Lead her to opportunities that align with Your divine plan for her life.

Final Encouragement for the Send Off

As you pack those boxes, load her up, and drop her off, remember, you are not done momming. Your role in your daughter’s life can be profound during these years. While this transition may feel like a death, or as if you’ve lost a limb, it’s only a pivot with some Klenex and change. God has a beautiful plan in store for your daughter and for you. May this next journey be one of growth, discovery, and unwavering connection with the One who holds both your hearts.

For His glory,

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