Seize Your Hope

Cheri Strange

Day 3: Seize Your Hope


Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

Devotional Material

An unusual family structure like ours (eight kids: six adopted, two biological) brings out the obtrusive curiosity in people. They ask bold questions like, “What’s it like living with all those kids?

I respond with some variant of life being busier than you can imagine but not as chaotic as you would think. Organization is key. Still, periodically, things get a little hairy. Time is needed to reorient the bins, closets, and bedroom mayhem.

Mixed up in the piles or with the dangling hangers, I invariably uncover girls’ jeans accidentally hanging in the boys’ closet or the wrong person’s shirts shoved in the drawers. Always I’ll unearth something totally unexpected. Sooner than later I’ll exclaim, “What in the world is THIS doing HERE?

That’s sort of the way I feel about Hebrews 10:23.

  Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering…

Scholars believe the author is writing to Christians living in Jerusalem just before the Romans destroyed the city. Life was burdensome. Persecutions were rampant. Their expectations of how things would turn out were not being met. It was difficult to see the light in the middle of dark circumstances.

These were not namby-pamby fence riders. These people had taken hold of the Gospel message and allowed Christ to have a firm grip on their lives. And they were challenged to seize and hold tightly to their hope in the midst of the disappointment; because God remained faithful and trustworthy.

A Perfect Fit

That’s what it’s doing there. Unlike the misplaced jeans, this is perfectly positioned.

Maybe your situation doesn’t look promising. Unmet expectations cross all generations. Half a dozen reasons declare why realism points to trusting in something other than God.

Don’t do it!” the writer cries. This is temptation talking. Seize your hope! Keep drawing near. This isn’t a kiddie ride at an amusement park. You and I are far beyond that in Christ. There are no guardrails or restraints for the thrill ride that is following Jesus. It’s just you and me holding tightly to the hope we can see through the darkness of whatever comes our way.

What might be causing you to waver? Recognize it as temptation. Stop it in its tracks. Instead, hold tightly to the hope you have in Jesus.

Seize it!

Seize it by asking God to make it impenetrable as the Holy Spirit awakens it exponentially in your heart and mind.



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  1. Cheri Strange

    Hello Cheri,
    Thank you for the reminder. That was very much needed. Especially when I try to rely on my own strength it is helpful to remember that I can achieve victory from my struggles by relying on God’s strength.

      1. Cheri Strange

        I feel like a lost child. It’s Christmas but my house doesn’t feel it. My grown children are here, but it might just as well be any week of the year. My hope in Jesus IS here, because I know beyond any doubt that He has seen me through so much. I just feel like I’m on a limb by myself, that I can’t ask for help on, because I have it in my head that my faith should be enough, that I ephod be helping others, not needing help. I’d say I came across this study by chance, but I know God does nothing “by chance”. Thank you for this study. I will walk through it and, as you said, seize that hope and ask Holy Spirit to make it impenetrable.

        1. Cheri Strange


          I think so many can relate to your feelings and sense of what should be — versus what you need, personally. Just yesterday, I was reminded of prone we are to trust and follow our feelings even against what we know to be true. The encouragement I have received is to hold tightly to what I know — in the face of all that runs contrary to it. In other words, seize the hope that I have come to know.

          Remember when Paul was still traveling around to different areas, preaching the Gospel, he writes of a very difficult time he and his companions were going through — (and maybe this is in the study) – 2 Corinthians 7:5-6 —

          For when we arrived in Macedonia, our bodies had no rest, but we were pressed from every direction—conflicts on the outside, fears within. But God, who comforts the downcast, comforted us by the arrival of Titus,

          What I read from this — is that there are times when the best of the best Christians do not have faith enough.
          And that’s okay – because God knows whatever it is, is too much. And without any reprimand or condemnation, God acts on behalf of Paul and his friends to bring them what they need and strengthens their faith.

          “But God”

          But God brought him encouragement and comfort through another person. Sometimes God does that for you and for me. It doesn’t even need to be the physical presence of a person — but a word will come that hits exactly my pain point – and often it’s on an issue I have not even shared with anyone.

          So my prayer for you — is like this — because you are not alone. If Paul experienced something like this, God gave us Scripture to minister and speak into your life as well.

          I pray that you put yourself in situations in which you can hear and receive what God has for you (which you are clearly doing). I ask God to speak to you — by whatever means He chooses — but that He send you encouragement. Enough to believe – to hold on – and to take the next step.

          Merry Christmas, Ruth.

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