Reignite Your Bible Reading Journey

Cheri Strange

Ignite Your Bible Reading Journey

Reignite Your Bible Reading Journey: A Guide for Busy Women

Do you wish you could read the Bible more in this season of life? If we are honest, in the hustle and bustle, it’s easy for the intention to read the Bible regularly to slip through the cracks. And it’s not just a few of us. Recent statistics reveal a sharp decline in the percentage of individuals reading the Bible, highlighting a collective need for guidance in getting started. That’s why I’ve made it my priority in 2024 to do what I can to help you embark on a fulfilling journey of Bible in this current season of life. I believe this post is the jumping off point to help reignite your Bible reading journey, especially if regular Bible reading is new to you. So, let’s get started.

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. As you contemplate how to get started on a more consistent Bible-reading habit, consider these five practical actions for reigniting your Bible reading journey.

Strategy #1: Select the Right Version for Your Bible Reading Journey

If you don’t already have a favorite version of the Bible to read, it’s important to select one that is comfortable to read. My favorite option for beginners is the New Living Translation (NLT). It reads in a comfortable, almost conversational tone. If you would like to try it out, here is a link to sample the style and words from Psalms 119. I am not an affiliate, but I recommend this one from Amazon.

My next favorite version for its readability is the New International Version (NIV). The 1984 version is the one I grew up reading so it sounds the most comforting to me. But the latest update is similar. You can try out the same passage in Psalm 119 here. If it were me, I would look at purchasing this study Bible from Amazon (again, I don’t make anything to offer my recommendations).

My third pick is the English Standard Version (ESV). Authorities on Scripture prefer this one because the syntax and language are more in line with the languages from which we get the Biblical text. In other words, the translators of the ESV did not take much liberty in moving the sentences or chunks of text around just to make it read better in English. You can download a free copy for your phone here, or purchase one like this one at Amazon.

The goal is to find one that resonates with you and makes the Word come alive.

Strategy #2: Leverage Reading Plan for Your Reading Journey

You are going to need a plan if you have any hope of reigniting your Bible reading journey. After securing the version of the Bible you want to read, accessing a reading plan is my next suggestion. A reading plan will add structure to your journey. (It also allows those of us who love to check boxes, the joy of checking away at our progress.) Plus, busy women need a system. Be sure to download my checklist. It’s part of my free book bundle that provides a roadmap through the Scriptures, making your daily readings more purposeful and intentional.

Strategy #3: Set Attainable Goals for Igniting Your Reading Journey

In my book, “Can You See Me, Now? I discuss the importance of setting goals that are challenging yet attainable when it comes to establishing a habit of reading your Bible. I talk about my own slow journey, filled with failure. In fact, I failed to meet my goals nine years in a row. But even though I didn’t meet the intended benchmark, I made progress. It’s okay to fall short and fail. The key is to fail forward. Keep at it, and watch your consistency grow.

So don’t be afraid to set an attainable goal. That is, if you have never read your Bible or any other book regularly, don’t set a goal of reading thirty minutes per day for the next 365 days. That’s likely not going to happen.

What if you, like a large percentage of other Americans, only read your Bible 6-8 times in the last year? What would success look like for you, where you are starting? Make that your goal. And when you meet that one, set a new one. Remember, if you fail to meet your goal, keep at it. Don’t be afraid to fail. Just make sure you fail forward.

Strategy #4: Establish a Set Time and Place

Consistency is key in developing any habit. This truism works the same way when it comes to getting into a habit of reading the Bible. One of the best ways to ensure your Bible reading becomes more than an aside or afterthought, my best advice is to plan a place and time where your reading will take place. Yes. Choose a specific time and place for your Bible reading. Whether it’s early morning with coffee or before bedtime, having a designated spot fosters routine. It’s integral to learning who we are in Christ, who God is, and discovering His purposes for our lives.

This was particularly life-changing for me. I failed forward for nine straight years, but it wasn’t wasted time. Even thought I didn’t accomplish all I set out to do for a given period of time, God used my falterings and failings for my good and His glory. You can find out more about my journey on this very point in the one of the chapters in Can You See Me, Now? Good News for the Lonely, Left Out, and Less Than, and how these strategies can work for you as well.

Strategy #5: Harness Technology

In the digital age, technology can be a powerful ally. There are a lot of choices out there to help you grow in your faith. My favorite is the free YouVersion app (or, where you can select from various Bible versions and reading plans. One of the features I most enjoy is the ability to connect with others on the app and walk through a Bible reading plan together. The other benefit is that the app gives you the capability of listening to the Scriptures on the go, ensuring you stay connected even on the busiest days.

Be sure to connect with me on the app if you choose to download YouVersion, HERE or use the QR Code below.

Several times a year, I publish new Bible reading plans and will invite followers on the app to join me in doing the plans together. It’s one of the greatest benefits for me, as a writer, writing for a digital platform, to get to actually connect with real women walking this imperfect journey with me. I look forward to meeting you inside the app in the coming year.

As you contemplate this next season in your life, what’s one thing you can do to reignite your Bible-reading journey? Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. There is grace to fail. Just fail forward, my friend. Instead, let’s embark on this adventure together, allowing the transformative power of the Scriptures to illuminate our days. With practical steps and a supportive community, you can confidently step into a consistent and rewarding Bible reading habit.

For His glory,

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