Opening Day

Cheri Strange

opening day stirring faith

Opening Day

Stirring Faith Podcast

Today was a Big Day. It’s was the first official day we aired an episode as the Stirring Faith Podcast with Cheri Strange, rather than The She Yearns Podcast. Oh, it’s still the same solid content and the same RSS. If you are a subscriber, you didn’t even need to breathe differently to begin receiving it. But we made lots of improvements on our end. And I couldn’t be more excited. This Opening Day is important for you because I introduced a contest and promised to post the details RIGHT HERE.

Contest Details

We are giving away one copy of Jen Wilkin’s book, In His Image, along with our latest set of our cards, Words to Live By – from the Unleash Your Brave collection, 8, 2-sided cards that fit inside your phone: one side has a Scripture verse while the other side houses a prayer using that Scripture. They come on a ring so you can easily carry them with you. We have also included a $5 coupon to use on anything later in the She Yearns Shop of your choosing.

contest opening day

How to become a Contest Participant

This is how it’s going to work.

  1. Subscribe to the Podcast, Stirring Faith with Cheri Strange. (If you have already been a subscriber to the She Yearns Podcast — YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY A SUBSCRIBER TO Stirring Faith).
  2. Rate the Podcast
  3. Write a brief review. This is not a narrative. It can be short, but you DO have to write something in the form of a review.
  4. When you post your review at iTunes, YOU MUST take a screenshot.
  5. Share your screenshot to at least ONE social media with a hashtag of the title of this podcast #stirringfaith and a link to this particular show that was giving away the Giveaway: Opening Day.
  6. Email me your evidence – at with a link to your post on social media. I will also need your real name, not your cute email handles, like sweetums or Ilovejesus@hotmail.

One awesome person will win!

I will select a winner by next Monday (January 27, 2020), which is when this podcast normally airs (unless there is a holiday, like this week). At that time, I will announce the winner and there will be great rejoicing!!!!!! Then I will contact that person so I can mail the prize to the winner!

Thank you in advance, for participating!


Have a great week.

For His Glory,


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