Navigating Loneliness Together

Cheri Strange

Navigating Loneliness Together

In a world where loneliness looms large, the need for connection, understanding, and spiritual invincibility has never been greater. Recent studies reveal that more than half of Americans feel like no one truly knows them well, underscoring the urgency for meaningful community. Last year, I penned my own journey through loneliness, feelings of insignificance, and invisibility in the book, Can You See Me, Now? Good News for the Lonely, Left Out, and Less Than. This book is designed for busy women who only have a few minutes a day, but want to move out of the shadows and start living the lives God designed them to experience. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some resource for easily navigating loneliness together? ?

Introducing the Digital Leader’s Guide

Spilling my private guts on the page to help bring readers out of the sidelines of their own life does no good if the resource sits on the shelf, unexperienced. I desperately want this resource in the hands of women all over the country so that they can say Goodbye to their invisible selves and start living the life for which they were created. That’s why we created the Digital Leader’s Guide. Navigating loneliness TOGETHER is better than taking the journey alone.

Why not get a group of women together and learn how to be seen for all the right reasons and in all the God-ordained ways?

We’re here to help.

Here’s What’s Inside the Guide

🔍 Insightful Tips for Success

Benefit from tried-and-true tips for leading a successful group study, ensuring that every woman in your group feels seen, heard, and valued. We’ve tried to make this a no-brainer for the hostess. You’ve got a thousand other things to do. Allow me to check stressing over how to lead an awesome group study off your list.

❄️ Ice Breakers That Spark Connection

Break down barriers with carefully curated ice breakers that pave the way for authentic conversations, fostering a sense of community from the very beginning. We’ve provided several options for every stage in your journey.

🗣️ Discussion Questions for Deeper Conversations

Engage your group with thought-provoking discussion questions that delve into the heart of the book, encouraging women to share their stories and insights.

🎥 Author Insights via Short Videos

Enrich your study with exclusive videos from the author, (that’s me). Linked to your guide are videos to provide deeper insights, exclusive bonus material, personal reflections, and encouragement for the journey ahead.

🌐 Social Media Posts for Group Connection

The last thing you have time to do is create social media posts. We’ve tried to make it simple to connect your group online with ready-to-share social media posts that enhance the sense of community beyond the physical gathering.

Ease and Flexibility

With a sample schedule included, leading this group could be the easiest and most impactful endeavor you undertake. The schedule ensures a balance of prayer, discussion, an 8-minute video session, and a sprinkle of ice breaker fun.

The Digital Leader’s Guide is on sale today for $10.00

Exclusive Offer for Navigating Loneliness Together

You can purchase your copy of the guide today for $10.00 at my shop, The Stirring Faith Company. However, if you or your organization purchase 5 or more books, you will be eligible to receive the Digital Leader’s Guide absolutely FREE. Navigate loneliness together without breaking the bank.

Invite the Author

Take your study to the next level by inviting me to kick off your journey. Immerse your group in an inspiring session that sets the tone for the transformation that lies ahead. I just spent an evening with a group in Houston this week. Women will more likely jump into the study with enthusiasm when I am able to participate in your Kick Off Event. Details on scheduling are included in the guide. Be sure to CONTACT CHERI HERE to talk about how we can make your kick-off event spectacular.

It’s time to turn the tide on loneliness and step into a season of invincibility.

Start Your Group Today

Don’t wait! Start navigating loneliness together. You will have the opportunity to be a catalyst for change in the lives of Christian women you care about. Why not be the one to serve those yearning for connection, purpose, and the assurance of being truly seen?

Get your copy of Can You See Me, Now? HERE.

Purchase the Digital Leader’s Guide HERE.

For His glory,



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