Meet our YouVersion Czech Translator

Cheri Strange

We are pleased to announce!

The first YouVersion reading plan translation released this month!

YouVersion Cover for The Fight for Radiance (1)
The Fight for Radiance was translated in Czech!
Meet our YouVersion Czech translator, Zdenka Davidova.
Zdenka Davidova

Zdenka is a resident of the Czech Republic. I became acquainted with her through some friends of mine working with Upward Basketball in the Czech Republic (the Chumbley family) who knew we were seeking out translators.

The work of a translator is all behind the scenes. And it’s A LOT of work – done completely without compensation. We wanted to give Zdenka a SHOUT OUT here on the blog for all her efforts to help others engage with the Bible through this reading plan and YouVersion.  Here is just a little bit about her.

About our YouVersion translator

Zdenka came to Christ at a young age. Her parents became believers when she was a baby, so she grew up learning and growing in church. She gained experience working in translation with seminars in child behavior management classes, with students from the USA. Today she works in translation through her church with English Camp for kids in Prague.

A typical day…

I asked her what we would find her doing in normal day-to-day life. She downplayed it with, “Oh, it’s boring, you don’t want to talk about that.” (I liked her immediately!) Isn’t that like the rest of us? Most of life is made up of normalcy. But because you and I are nosy… and we want to know what kind of “boring” things a woman in Prague who loves the Word of God does, I thought I would share Zdenka’s normalcy with you.

Each week is much like ours. Work weeks are generally five days; with weekends spend for relaxation or some family activities. Either she and her family visit her parents or they go on a trip to visit her husband’s family. She also really loves to make beaded jewelry and working on whatever translations come her way.

We are very thankful to God for bringing Zdenka our way. We are now able to reach women in a country across the globe with equipping and challenging encouragement in the Truth!  She is most definitely an answer to prayer that we began requesting from the Lord a few months ago.

What’s next?

Now, we are looking forward to July 5, 2016 – when our next translation will go live on YouVersion in Ukranian! We can’t wait to introduce the translators for this language to you soon!
May God richly bless the spreading of His Word for His Glory!


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