We Interrupt this Summer to Celebrate!

Cheri Strange

Hello Summer

Hello Summer!

For all of you already playing on the beach, sunning, eating hot dogs and snow cones — enjoy it for us. The Strange family is not quite there yet. We have been moving what seems like months. We are still up to our armpits in crumpled newspaper and cardboard boxes- organized in small, medium and large stacks. The tortoise is here. The cat has very uhappily arrived. The teenagers are putting on a good face– and after I apparently attempted to forward all the mail from the UPS store–Every. Single. Box. Again and again– I have FINALLY successfully changed my address and mine only.


Moving is a lot of work. Moving ten people is more work than I ever want to do again all my live long days! But in the middle of it all– God is still at work in the lives of His people!

Please allow me to interrupt this summer to ask you to take a moment to celebrate with me and at least one thing God is doing here at She Yearns!

Waiting Well — the 3-Day reading plan available on the free YouVersion app or Bible.com has just experienced over 50,000 completions!

Waiting Well

If you have not had a chance to experience this plan, you can find it here. Or you can search for it by name on the app or by Cheri Strange.

Often people contact me about the plan wanting more about how to wait well. Three days is all you will find on the YouVersion app. But this plan was born out of a Bible study published by AMG called Life Principles for Living Out the Greatest Commandment. You can purchase it on-line or at your favorite Christian retailer. The video series that goes with the study can be purchased only on the website at this time here. I pray your study of God’s word helps you learn to love Him in how you wait– as it is teaching me.

We all wait. How we wait is the real dilemma.

Happy Summer!

Thanks for taking a moment to celebrate with us at She Yearns! Please share this or share the plan on the app with your social media friends. It really helps us and you just never know how God will use you in the lives of others!

With much affection!

For His Glory!




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