How God Sees You

Cheri Strange

how God sees you

Have you ever walked into an environment afraid you don’t measure up? Wondering why God called you to this spot, or questioning if He has? How can you compete with her? It seems every person you meet has it more together and oozes with greater talents. Sometimes, when you throw a roomful of women together like that, it can become catty, competitive, and cold-hearted. You and I know from experience the times when it has, leaving us cautious and sometimes a hot internal mess when it might. It’s the kind of experience that causes you to forget, how God sees you.

Angst is what it creates—bouts of doubts mentally surface along with the replaying of sundry failures. It’s an internal unsettling of the soul, for sure. Throw in the responsibility of performing in front of said group, and you have a room filled with need.

Thankfully, someone in that room felt the unspoken need of reminding us of how God sees you and me and took action.

Meet Sandra.

I’m not completely sure what prompted her more than an overwhelming sense that those present needed to be reminded of who they were. About halfway through the conference with the performances looming—Sandra seized the moment by asking the leadership if we could stop while she prayed over every woman present.

It was soul-soothing, angst-defying comfort offered at exactly the right time. Her prayer was not rehearsed or practiced. She simply recognized a need and called upon the One who could meet it. Prayer unscripted and unscheduled.

I have asked Sandra to express what the Lord placed on her heart and share it with you. Welcome my new friend. I pray God speaks to you through her offering.

From a heart that wants to remind you how God sees you.

Sandra Jones

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a conference for writers and speakers.

It was my first time attending. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, because let’s be honest. When you get a room full of women together sometimes it can be not so pretty.

But this room was different. I discovered at this conference we were all in the same boat. Each woman was just trying to get through day-to-day while fulfilling her calling from God.

As women, we all have crazy busy lives juggling marriage, children, and careers. It can become overwhelming.

That sense of overwhelm can cause us can look at the woman described in Proverbs 3, and internally ask How in the world can I be that type of woman?

That’s the devil in your ear, my dear. how God sees you

You are bits and pieces of that woman you fear you will never attain.

God sees each struggle you encounter.

He sees each tear you shed.

When you think you can’t go on, He is there.

He is there like a gentle breeze on your cheek, or like a feather floating in the air.

Your Father remains right beside you.

So do not fear I am with you do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Oh, my sister, if you could only see yourself as God looks down and sees you.

You are My beautiful little girl.

You have grown to be a splendid woman of excellence, and

My eyes fill when I see the virtues in your heart.

“Letter From God to Women’’ Author Unknown

As we go through this crazy busy life trying to fulfill all our responsibilities, let me encourage you to remember these words from Isaiah to remind you of how God sees you. Then find your tribe. Find your family outside your family that can remind you of Whose you are, and be there for each other. Lift up, encourage, stand in the gap for each other, and listen without judgment, jealousy, or envy.

God has called each one of us for a different purpose to accomplish His work together. Grab hold of your Father’s hand, load up your tribe, working to accomplish what you can today. Accept the steps you made (or did not get to make) today. Give all these efforts to him at the end of the day, and start over tomorrow afresh, confident in His calling of you as His own.

A prayer reminding you of How God Sees You

Father God,

I come before you thanking you for this woman reading. I request that any weapon formed against her be broken and that she will find time for rest and peace in You alone. Father, lift her up so that she will know who she is in you, and enable her to walk this identity out daily. Thank you for the work you have already begun in her. Continue to grow her. We love you and praise you in Jesus’s name, Amen.

how god sees you, Sandra

Sandra Jones spent a large amount of her life holding onto a lie the enemy kept telling her. For many years, Sandra chose a road of destruction for herself and her family, until God stepped in teaching her who she was in Him.

Today, Sandra shares what she has learned about her identity in Christ. Her passion is to help women find freedom from the lies of the enemy, regardless of what mistakes or missteps have occurred in life.

Sandra has been involved in prison and street ministry for 16 years, witnessing the deliverance of many and seeing these same individuals bloom into the beautiful children of God they were created to be.  To experience God’s hand in the lives of these brings to my heart.

You can connect with Sandra on social media, by visiting her website, or contacting her through email. She would love to share how you, too can find purpose through the Father.

FB- sandrajonesspeaks


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