More Than a Blur: Making Motherhood Matter

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More Than A Blur


During this hour with Marnie and special guest, Dr. Cheri Strange, you will discover:

1. What your job is and what it’s not.

2. Why no one meanders into great parenting and what you can do about it.

3. Why choosey moms choose to fight.

4. How to value this season of your life on your way to the rest of your life.

5. Five ways to keep your sanity even when you can’t keep yourself sanitized.

6. How to add meaning to the mundane and parent beyond ordinary in three achievable steps.

7. The secret to embracing motherhood without letting go of yourself.

8. How to thrive in the midst of the mom & ministry blur…lessons from a tree stand.

My Journey of Faith

To download this audio clip, follow this link.

My Journey of Faith


This is a 30 minutes interview with Cynthia McCutcheon to talk about Cheri’s family, and her journey of adoption.

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