Finishing Well: Your 5-Day Journey to Purposeful Living

Cheri Strange

Finishing Well: Your 5-Day Journey to Purposeful Living

In the hustle of daily life, it’s easy to get caught up in the desire for a re-start, or new beginnings. But what about the beauty of completing a journey with grace, purpose, and fulfillment? Anyone can start something, but to carry it out to completion? That’s a whole different matter. But what if you could? What if the Bible offered insights and encouragement for moving you on toward finishing well? Before the closing of another year takes place, join me on this 5-day Bible. Let’s explore the insights and encouragement the Bible offers to move us beyond good beginnings, but to become women who finish well.

What is Finishing Well?

Finishing Well is a carefully crafted 5-day reading plan designed to provide you with biblical insights and encouragement to navigate life with purpose and the tools needed to keep going to the end. Each day unfolds a unique theme, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of the principles that contribute to a purposeful life. You will encounter both daily devotionals and Scripture that illuminate the truth in the matter and our place in it.

Allow me to give you a brief glimpse of what we will cover. Always remember, the resources provided by YouVersion are absolutely FREE. Who doesn’t like that?

Finishing Well Day One: The Call to Finish Well

The first day serves as your introduction. Along with it is a call to embrace the challenge of finishing well as you discover the significance of completing life’s journey with purpose.

Day Two: Developing Keen Listening Skills

Cultivate a listening heart and explore the transformative power of attentive ears in shaping your journey.

Day Three: Establishing a Discipleship Routine

Learn how intentional discipleship routines can guide your steps and contribute to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

Day Four: Advance Unmoved

Discover the strength that comes from standing firm in your convictions, advancing unmoved even in the face of challenges.

Day Five: Utilize the Guardrails

Explore the wisdom of setting boundaries and utilizing precautionary measures to stay on course, ensuring a better likelihood you will complete your journey with intentionality and wisdom.

How to Access the Plan:

Download the YouVersion Bible App: If you haven’t already, download the free YouVersion Bible app from your app store. Complete your profile and your good to go.

Once in the app, navigate to the Plans section and search for Cheri Strange, or the Finishing Well reading plan.

Pick a date to start the plan and decide if you want to do it alone, or with friends. That’s it. You can begin your transformative journey by reading the daily passages and reflecting on the insights shared.

Why Does Finishing Well Matter?

Personal development and Transformation: The Bible is filled with wisdom if we will look to it for instruction and direction. Reading plans like this one can help organize your search, uncovering timeless wisdom that will shape your mindset, actions, and perspective.

Community Connection: Join over 7,500 individuals who have completed this transformative reading plan and share your insights with those within your sphere of influence. Take the idea to your small group or meet a friend for coffee and go through the plan together. Every time I release a new plan on YouVersion, I invite a group of women on the app and make the link to join the plan accessible to my social media friends. Some of these women I have never met face to face, but I look forward to them being present for the plans. Indeed it’s true, we are stronger together, and the Finishing Well plan is a perfect way to bring your circle of influence together.

Purposeful Living: Most of us long for our lives to matter more than a hill of beans. But often we don’t know how to make it happen. The plan will help you embrace the call to finish well and aid you in discovering the keys to a life filled with joy, purpose, and impact.

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