Eight Days of Hope Houston

Cheri Strange

8 Days of Hope Houston

When Hurricane Harvey waltzed into our lives last August, we had no idea the devastation he would leave behind. It wasn’t the forceful wind, storm surge from the Gulf or anything I expected. It was the rain that hovered for days until it swelled to record proportions covering entire cities, shutting down schools, closing churches for good, and demolishing the lives of hundreds of thousands in that short span of time. Harvey was no respecter of persons. Suddenly owning something as frivolous as a boat became the only tools to determining life and death for many in the greater metro area.

Much was lost due to Harvey. God was not caught off guard by Hurricane Harvey nor all the loss. Storms with epic devastating impacts like this one occur within the sphere of God’s sovereignty but in the context of a fallen world. But God is still good.

In fact, Harvey has thrown open doors that may have remained closed without him. It has given the body of Christ opportunity to actually look like and be the body of Christ in neighborhoods to real people eager for hope.

Six months later, the lives of thousands are still in chaos. Neighborhoods look back to normal on the outsides when you drive by, but many homes are bare down to the studs behind the front door with no avenue in sight for recovery.

Many organizations, churches and individuals have jumped in to help in this cataclysmic catastrophe. For you, we are thankful. Much good has come from your efforts. It’s just so much destruction. So much loss. The amount of people suffering remains tremendous. More help is still needed.

This is why we are so excited about Eight Days of Hope!

What is Eight Days of Hope?

Eight Days of Hope was born out of Katrina and is a faith-based disaster relief organization coming to SE Houston with thousands of volunteers March 10 – March 24 to rebuild 800 – 1000 homes! She Yearns Ministries is volunteering to serve along side them. They need people to give time and resources in this effort to make it the largest short term rebuilding effort this country has ever seen! Take a few minutes to watch this video or real people already impacted by the hope God is bringing through the storm.



How Can I be Involved?

She Yearns Ministries is volunteering March 19 – March 22. They are asking for THREE DAYS from every volunteer. Sign up here as an individual. YOU MUST SIGN UP BY MARCH 4. When you sign up, indicate that your organization is SHE YEARNS MINISTRIES. They will put us together. If you are coming from out of town, they will ask you a few more questions. Lodging is available but it’s roughing it– like, you bring an air mattress! Otherwise, there are special rates for hotels, information for RV parks, and spaces for putting up a tent. They will, however, provide all your meals. Many of my questions were answered here.

If you are planning to join me any of these days, after you sign up, please email me so I will be looking for you —  info@sheyearns.com

I am so excited about what God is doing and that we get to be a part of it!

I can’t wait!

For His Glory!



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