Discover the Habits of a Godly Woman with “She Yearns” Bible Reading Plan

Cheri Strange

Discover the Habits of a Godly Woman with “She Yearns” Bible Reading Plan

Do you ever long for deeper intimacy with God, yearning to embody the characteristics of a godly woman in your daily life? If so, you’re not alone. Introducing the newest Bible reading plan on the YouVersion App: “She Yearns: Habits of a Godly Woman.”

This plan is designed to help you delve into the timeless truths Scripture offers and cultivate spiritual growth. Each day, you’ll explore practical habits that draw you closer to God, encourage spiritual development, and enhance your walk with Him.

Day One: Grow in Godliness

Embark on your journey by understanding what it means to grow in godliness. Dive into the heart of God’s Word and discover how you can reflect His character in your daily life. Explore the essential elements of living a life that pleases God and fulfills His purposes.

Day Two: Abide Daily

Discover the significance of abiding in Christ every day. Learn how to remain in Him through daily devotions, prayer, and study of the Scriptures. This day will help you establish a consistent, intimate relationship with Jesus, ensuring that He is the center of your life.

Day Three: Practice Intentional Prayer

Transform your prayer life by practicing intentional, focused prayer. Understand the power of communicating with God regularly and how it can change your heart and perspective. This day will equip you with strategies to make prayer a natural, vital part of your daily routine.

Day Four: Choose Joy

In a world full of challenges and uncertainties, choosing joy can be a profound act of faith. This day focuses on finding joy in every circumstance, understanding that true joy comes from a deep relationship with Jesus. Learn how to cultivate a joyful heart, regardless of your external situations.

Day Five: Plug Into Community

Realize the importance of community in your spiritual journey. Discover how to connect with other believers, support one another, and grow together in faith. This day emphasizes the necessity of fellowship and accountability, encouraging you to plug into a community that uplifts and strengthens your walk with God.

Join the Journey, July 8 – 12

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your intimacy with God and embody the habits of a godly woman. Join me, Cheri Strange, on this transformative journey through the “She Yearns: Habits of a Godly Woman” Bible reading plan on the YouVersion App. July 8-12, I am hosting a group of women to walk through this plan using the Plans with Friends feature on the YouVersion app. Just click HERE to sign up and you will be all set. Together, let’s explore these timeless truths and cultivate a vibrant, growing relationship with our Savior.

For His glory,

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