Conquering Your Calling: Trusting God in the Battles

Cheri Strange

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges in your life? Do you wonder if you have the strength to conquer your calling and trust God in the battles of life? Joshua’s story offers a powerful reminder that God is with us, even when the odds seem impossible. Let’s dive into Joshua’s journey and find encouragement for our own spiritual battles.

Joshua waged war against all these kings for a long time. Joshua 11:18

Joshua’s Calling to Battles

This was his calling—to lead people into the promises God had already made and fulfilled. Joshua had to help them take possession of what God had already given. He did this his whole life. It’s what he was born to do, and it’s what he died doing. All his days, this man waged a war against powers and authorities stronger and greater than himself.

I bet it was hard. Scary hard. Shake-in-your-boots frightening. And ominous. Yet, Joshua had seen God’s people win battles with a handful of trumpets. He had experienced victory through nothing greater than an old man holding his arms up in the air. He had been at Moses’ heels all those years—learning, watching, growing.

But when it was his Go-Time, rather than Moses’, I can see how Joshua might have been scared it wouldn’t turn out like it had before—for him.

Who was he?

Did he meet God face to face?

Is his face literally glowing because of it?

Did God entrust him with the commandments or show him His glory?

No. That miraculous stuff was reserved for someone more spiritual than he—Moses, not Moses’s assistant.

When the Battles Turn Inward

It’s easy to let these thoughts run through your heart, causing you to distrust what God can do because of all you are not. It always comes down to the same bottom line:

Are you and I going to trust that God can do what He promises or not?

Joshua made his decision. His choice wasn’t without fear. He just didn’t quit or turn around and fail to show up because of it. And that decision made all the difference. Indeed, God had scary assignments for him all his life. But He led Joshua through it all.

God is Present in the Midst of Battles

God showed up and brought victory when victory should have been impossible. With odds always against him, Joshua believed God by showing up ready and leading the people into the land God had promised. He did it for a long, long time. And so it was written:

And Joshua waged war against these kings for a long time.

Sometimes life is like this. Some of us are called to show up, lead, and take out the enemy in his earthly territory because God is reclaiming it as His own possession. He doesn’t call us to it because we have any remarkable talents or qualities—or even the awe of others as being super spiritual.

Maybe it feels like it’s been a long time. A long, hard time.

Keep showing up.

He is not done with you, my friend.

Let this be our prayer:

May Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven through our lives and whoever You call us o lead.

For His glory,

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