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3 Lies that will Defeat You This Christmas

Hey, friend. As we welcome December, stepping officially into the enchanting season of Christmas, let’s have a heart-to-heart about the unspoken battles many women face during this time. It’s very possible you are believing lies. Lies that will defeat you, if you are not careful. Oh, I’ve believed them as
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satan's strategies
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Unmasking Satan’s Strategies: Five Biblical Truths for Spiritual Warfare

Unmasking Satan’s Strategies Hello, beautiful sisters in Christ! It’s Cheri Strange here, and I’m so thrilled to dive into today’s discussion about a topic that’s close to our hearts: understanding Satan’s strategies and how we can stand firm against them. As Christian women who long to desire more of God
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Overcoming Spiritual Distractions

Do you ever find yourself at the end of a busy day, wondering where the time went and why you couldn’t focus on what truly matters in your spiritual journey? I’ve been there too, and I’ve discovered that the struggle of overcoming spiritual distraction to stay on course with God’s
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Consistent Daily Devotions Amid Life’s Chaos

Consistent Daily Devotions Amidst Life’s Chaos: Grace-Filled Strategies for a New Season As we step into the first of a new season, many of us find ourselves in a reflective mood. After months of a relaxed summer schedule, it’s a natural time to regroup and reassess our priorities. It’s an
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deepening your faith journaling
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Deepening Your Faith with Journaling

Deepen Your Faith with Journaling In the midst of life’s bustling pace, finding moments of connection with God can sometimes feel like a challenge. As Christian women, we yearn to nurture our relationship with the Divine, seeking solace, guidance, and a deeper understanding of our faith. Amidst this search, have
Posted  on August 25, 2023 0
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15 Bible Verses to Help Relieve Stress

15 Bible Verses to Help Relieve Stress: Finding Peace Amidst Chaos Welcome, dear friends, to a journey of finding peace amidst life’s chaos through the transformative power of God’s Word. In this fast-paced world, stress and anxiety often threaten to overwhelm us, but fear not, for the Scriptures hold treasures
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