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God’s Faithfulness in the Journey

Have you ever been so busy with everyday life that you didn’t realize God’s incredible faithfulness until you looked back? Sometimes, I think we take our faith and God for granted until we take a step back, look at our journey, and evaluate God’s involvement in our lives. God’s Faithfulness
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choose joy
Spiritual Growth

Choosing Joy in Life’s Hard Places

Choosing joy in life’s hard places is easier said than done, but it is possible. I had opportunity to make this choice after a difficult week filled with bad news: Two of my friends, both of them cancer survivors and mothers with young children, learned that their disease had returned
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facing disappointment
Spiritual Growth

How Do You Face Disappointment

How Do You Face Disappointment? Guest Post by Rebecca Barlow Jordan When disappointment knocks on your door, how do you face it? I remember when a phone call brought me to my knees. “He’s gone.” I never got to say goodbye to my father. And the time my gynecologist’s brow
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beauty in perseverance
Spiritual Growth

Beauty in Perseverance

Beauty in Perseverance by Anita Peluso The last days of winter often feel like drudgery – painful waiting until we see the first blooms of spring. We long for the crocus, daffodils, and tulips of spring to brighten the gray landscape of winter, bringing hope of warmer, sunnier days. We
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Spiritual Growth

Who Does God Say I Am?

Who Does God Say That I Am? One of the most formative seasons in my life came through difficulty. It was the kind of time and place that causes a person to question if they are truly in relationship with the Father or just crazy. The outside voices pouring into
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Shoulder to Shoulder
Spiritual Growth

Living Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Living Shoulder 2 Shoulder What if you were The Plan for offering hope and healing to a culture in crisis? God’s Divine plan for utilizing you and me as instruments for bringing hope into our surroundings and even impossible situations sounds about as genius as leaving my twin boys home
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