game-changing hacks

Game-Changing HACKS for Mom

Game-Changing HACKS for Mom   Welcome to the Blog – Game-Changing Hacks for Mom A few weeks ago I ventured back out into fresh airconditioned air that was shared with other people in the same room if you know what I mean (LOL). We all gathered in the same space,
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21 things to do stuck at home

21 Things to Do Stuck at Home

21 Things to Do Stuck at Home Hello there, from the Strange home front! You and I have now been asked to stay at home in order to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus for about 40 days–give or take a few. You’ve had time to deep clean the
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memorize like a boss

How to Memorize Like a Boss

How to Memorize Like a Boss Recently I posted on social media the same sort of thing most of you post on social media–the Who’s Who and What’s What of your people and the events of life. My post consisted of our happenings on New Year’s Eve which to most
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Best App to Help You Pray

Best App to Help You Pray If you ever struggle with staying focused, praying on a regular basis, remembering what to pray, or being diligent to pray Scripture– have I got good news for you! Help is on the way. I have found the best app! Let me introduce ECHO,
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Launch Party with a Blessing

Launch Party with a Blessing Hey there! Graduation season is upon us. And if you are looking for something more than a card with money to send the graduate; or a party with cake and punch to celebrate the milestone–something that would be a blessing–you are in good company. We
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Celebrate Valentines Day
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Family

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Family Next week is Valentine’s Day! Most couples would prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a romantic evening alone, but if you have children, that may not be an option. Some of us simply can’t afford both the night out as well as the cost
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