Join The Strange Readers Cafe: Discover Your True Identity in Christ

Discover Your True Identity in Christ Are you longing for a sense of belonging and love in a world that often makes you feel unseen, overlooked, or left out? Do you yearn for authentic connections, but find yourself struggling to navigate through life’s challenges? If so, I invite you to
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we get you

We Get You! 30 Women 30 Stories One God

Hey friend, I am thrilled to announce the release of a new book, We Get You! 30 Days: 30 Women • 30 Stories • One God. This heartfelt collection of stories and devotions is now available on Amazon, ready to embark on a thirty-day journey with you. As one of
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3 Powerful Ways Your Life Changes When You Know Your Purpose

People tell you many things you should know to change your life, but one thing you need to know is that if you know your purpose, it can have the most powerful impact. Have you done all the things that were supposed to make you happy, but you still feel
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Finding Your Vocation

Finding Your Vocation by Anita Peluso Has anyone ever asked you “What is your vocation?” (Not your vacation to Hawaii, but your vocation.) A vocation is what you do that uses the gifts and talents God gives you. Within the church, it may describe your ministry. When I enrolled in
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What Now, Lord?

What Now, Lord? by Cheri Strange If you were to sneak a peek into my prayer journal or listen in on my private “me-sided” conversations with the Lord, like a broken record you would hear me ask, “What now, Lord?’ This is a recurrent question of mine. I’m a woman
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stronger you

Becoming a Stronger You

Becoming a Stronger You by Cheri Strange, PhD. Are you getting outside to get fresh air, with a mask or otherwise? Chances are you are not doing a lot of in-person shopping, ride airplanes or doing the normal summer stuff you have done in the past. But are you taking
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