Do Not Waste These Gray Hairs

Don’t Waste These Gray Hairs The She Prays Friday edition of the blog seeks to be some of the most encouraging FIVE minutes of your Fridays, straight from the Word of God. Welcome. I’m so glad you are here because today is extra special. It’s my birthday (and I’m not
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Questioning God

Questioning God Happy Friday here. Welcome to She Prays on Friday. I’m sitting here with an oversized bandage taped to my chin, due to a medical procedure, protecting what my doctor expects to turn black and blue by morning. I sort of feel like I was knocked silly by the
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Lighting the dark

Finding Light in the Dark

Finding Light in the Dark Cheri Strange, Ph.D. For years we have made prayer a focus and decidedly marked Fridays as a day when we invite people to join together to pray for each other specifically for the needs of those associated with the She Years community. I’ve tried to
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she prays

She Prays on Friday

She Prays on Friday Hey it’s Friday! Not only is it Friday, it’s the last Friday in the first month of 2022. That means, (among other things) there has been time for five of the ten in my family to contract Covid and just about be over it. It also
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teach us to pray

Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray She Prays Edition The events of January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. were crushing. I spent most of the day celebrating Jolee, my birthday girl, unaware of the events. When the news came of angry citizens trampling the Capital, including the deaths, injuries, and disorder that
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Teens Yearn

Teens Yearn Teens Yearn is where we can meet up at talk about things important to — well, teens, whether you yearn for God or not. I currently live with five, almost six (one is twelve) teenage girls. All different. All with beautiful smiles and make me laugh out loud!
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