asking for blessing

Asking for Blessing

Asking for Blessing Have you ever prayed for a blessing? Is it narcissistic, or might it be exactly what God entices us to do? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would answer that it seems self-seeking and inappropriate. But today, the evidence in Scripture outways my
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path forward

Prayer for a Path Forward

Prayer for a Path Forward Are you a morning person? Honestly, mornings have never been my jam. I would rather stay up until 2:00 AM than get up before seven. Although marrying a morning person did improve my bearish behavior, it wasn’t until I picked up a pattern in Scripture
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when your happy goes missing

When Your Happy Goes Missing

Do you pursue happy? If you are anything like other Americans, you ponder and crave merriment more than success or true love. Happiness has been deemed our life passion as a culture. Tragically, studies show we are the most unhappy we have been in over 50 years. The past few
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Praying for Work

Praying for Work

Praying for Work In case you are just finding us here, my name is Cheri Strange. Stick around and check out the rest of the site (Be sure to grab hold of the FREE Book Bundle before you leave). I’m so glad you are with me today. The purpose of
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Praying for Boldness

Praying for Boldness Did you know that the most popular foods in America are hamburgers? Hot dogs, French fries, and Oreo cookies fall in line right behind burgers. I’m sort of disappointed tacos did not make the top ten, but I find these statistical matters interesting. A researcher and question-asker,
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prayer for protection

A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection Do you pray for protection? I know many Christians who ask for protection over themselves, maybe a spouse, the new driver under their roof, their family, and even the car in a hailstorm? We are often enthusiastic about asking for divine intervention for health, wealth, success,
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