Times of Testing

Praying Through Times of Testing

Praying Through Times of Testing Sometimes you can read a chapter or a passage of verses in the Bible that feels like the person writing is sitting near you, telling you a story. That’s how Psalm 66 lands on me. It’s conversational as if the writer is talking to an
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How to Pray for a Fearless Trust

Firm and Fearless Trust by Cheri Strange Welcome to the She Prays, spotlighting Scripture and praying it over you, for your strengthening and encouragement. Today we are looking at how to pray for a fearless trust. I found myself sitting down this week, with burdens not my own, but yours,
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When You've Got Questions

When You’ve Got Questions

  When You’ve Got Questions Maybe you have a situation in your life that has not turned out the way you anticipated or planned. Maybe you needed to get to a certain point or make a particular score or finish at a set level—and even though you did everything humanly
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Shattering Doubt

Shattering Doubt

Shattering Doubt She Prays on Friday Last week I met with a group of precious souls gathered because they believe God has or is calling them to write a particular message to a particular audience. Writing is a solitary endeavor. Most days it feels like you are trying to be
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unite my heart

Unite My Heart

Unite My Heart   Do you ever feel like you are mentally scattered? Too busy to keep it all straight? Maybe you have so much on your plate there is no direct path that you can see? Me, too. I wonder why I can’t get it together. The problem often
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The Source of All Comfort

The Source of All Comfort by Cheri Strange Not long ago, I met some new friends because we were sharing the platform to tell our stories about how loneliness has impacted our lives. We were going to share the couch and testify to how God has liberated us from the
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