Experience God's love

A Prayer to Experience God’s Love

A Prayer to Experience God’s Love My two grown and flown daughters spent part of their weekend together at a theme park. Their mission: to ride lots of rollercoasters. The reflections in their selfies testified to their success. Those grown-up smiles reminded me of former days when I took those
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biblical hospitality feature
Spiritual Growth

5 Strategies for Practicing Biblical Hospitality

5 Strategies for Practicing Biblical Hospitality Sometimes lessons that need to be learned must be experienced before they take root. When Chad and I were newlyweds, we relocated to a different city for work purposes. In no time we found our place in a local church that offered a weekly
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Praying for the Wounded

Praying for the Wounded The holidays can usher in emotions beyond the festive joy and excitement familiar to most. Seasons draped in Christmas cheer are not always shared when life has brought pain or loss. Maybe, like me, you have friends and family members who are missing someone for the
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taking prayers digital

Taking Your Prayers Digital

Taking your prayers digital If you are like the majority of Christian women, you pray at least once a day. And that’s a good thing. Being in the habit of prayer is a lifestyle discipline of epic proportions. It can change your day, your marriage, your children, the future, and
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Thankful for You

I could not enter this season of gratitude without acknowledging just how thankful I am for you. Each week the aim of She Prays is to encourage you, the reader, the She Yearns Community member, the woman who stops by out of curiosity, or anyone needing to be lifted up
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What has God done

What Has God Done for Me?

November, especially the days and weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, is the time when many reflect more on that for which we are grateful. Pinterest oozes with ideas for family activities, transforming any environment into a picturesque event, and tantalizing recipes captured in perfection. For the believer in Christ, this
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Knowing God’s Will

Knowing God’s will for your life can seem elusive. At times it feels as if there is some magical formula or secret code hidden from the woman who wants to know what to do or how to do it. But it’s not really like that in reality. The Word of
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purpose of prayer

The Purpose of Prayer

What is the purpose of prayer? Whether we realize it or not, the truth is that prayer isn’t a tool to make God do what we want. Rather, it’s an aligning of our hearts to His will instead of our own. It is through this use and purpose of prayer
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A Prayer for the Wise

A Prayer of the Wise Do you have a favorite Psalm? Is there one that speaks to you more than another? If I had to make a short list, Psalm 107 would be on it. I love all 43 verses, but the final verse encompasses the theme of the Psalm,
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Asking God to Intervene

Asking God to Intervene

Are you hoping for a miracle? Need God to intervene? If you have not yet experienced the need, you likely will. It’s only a matter of time before life circumstances extend beyond our ability to manipulate and control. But I’m sure you know this. There is an accident that changes
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A Prayer for Deliverance

A Prayer of Deliverance True and lasting deliverance is only found in God. Oh, we look for plenty of other methods and to sundry hope-filled promises from other sources. Alarm systems. Our jobs. A clean diet. A rich aunt. Side hustles. Our spouses. The bank account. Education. Even our family.
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Spiritual Growth

God’s Faithfulness in the Journey

Have you ever been so busy with everyday life that you didn’t realize God’s incredible faithfulness until you looked back? Sometimes, I think we take our faith and God for granted until we take a step back, look at our journey, and evaluate God’s involvement in our lives. God’s Faithfulness
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choose joy
Spiritual Growth

Choosing Joy in Life’s Hard Places

Choosing joy in life’s hard places is easier said than done, but it is possible. I had opportunity to make this choice after a difficult week filled with bad news: Two of my friends, both of them cancer survivors and mothers with young children, learned that their disease had returned
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book club

Join My Book Club

Join My Book Club That’s right! I am hosting a book club on Facebook called, The Strange Readers Cafe` and I would love for you to join me. For the next 75-days (from Oct. 3 to Dec. 16) we will be reading Can You See Me, Now? in this private
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prayer when you feel invisible

A Prayer When You Feel Invisible

A Prayer When You Feel Invisible Did you know the current American culture is at its loneliest in the last fifty years? Would you guess loneliness has been found to be a constant throughout the lifespan? That a majority of people feel like no one knows them well. What about
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A Prayer Before You Go

A Prayer Before You Go It’s Launch Week around here. And what a week it’s been! Wowzers. The book, Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than is officially out in the world. The launching process involves a lot of people across months.
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Pray for Wisdom

Pray for Wisdom What do you do when you have an issue and realize you don’t know what to do? Who do you seek out for help or advice? Meeting relationships or jobs or problems without knowing what to do next can be daunting. Although a common experience, it’s also
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prayer against oppression

A Prayer Against Oppression

A Prayer Against Oppression If I could go back and offer my twenty-something self, sound, biblical advice, praying against oppression would be at the top of my list. Doing so might have brought about the freedom I experience today much earlier. Decades so. Instead, I try to capitalize on conversations
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How God Sees You

Have you ever walked into an environment afraid you don’t measure up? Wondering why God called you to this spot, or questioning if He has? How can you compete with her? It seems every person you meet has it more together and oozes with greater talents. Sometimes, when you throw
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asking for blessing

Asking for Blessing

Asking for Blessing Have you ever prayed for a blessing? Is it narcissistic, or might it be exactly what God entices us to do? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would answer that it seems self-seeking and inappropriate. But today, the evidence in Scripture outways my
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Launch Team

Join My Launch Team

I want you on my launch team! We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Launch Team Application for my new book, Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than. You might have a few questions, like what’s the book about? What do
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