She Yearns FREEBIE

She Yearns FREEBIE Cheri Strange YES! For the first time, we are offering a 30-Day Reading Plan. It’s not like anything we have offered previously. This is a 30-day plan you can do on your own, without a commentary. No devotional. Just you and your Bible and the Lord. This
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Think You Need a New Heart?

Think You Need a New Heart? by Cheri Strange Imagine feeling that regardless of your actions or how hard you tried, when it comes to matters of the heart, nothing permanent ever arises. Hurt and blame and resentment seem to be your closest companions. Suppose these negative patterns and emotions
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teach us to pray

Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray She Prays Edition The events of January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. were crushing. I spent most of the day celebrating Jolee, my birthday girl, unaware of the events. When the news came of angry citizens trampling the Capital, including the deaths, injuries, and disorder that
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Boundless Gratitude

Boundless Gratitude YouVersion Plan

Boundless Gratitude By Cheri Strange One week from today Boundless Gratitude will release on the YouVersion app, or This is a 7-day plan, perfect for preparing our hearts for this season to focus on being thankful, rather than scoot past it. I’m going to host a group on the
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5 practical ways to practice gratitude

5 Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude

5 Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude by Cheri Strange, PhD Hey there, I am super excited because on another screen behind this one I am turning in a new YouVerison reading Plan to release EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING, called BOUNDLESS GRATITUDE. The focus is purely spiritual and I cannot
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make fitness an act of worshp

Make Fitness an Act of Worship

Make Fitness an Act of Worship by Cheri Strange, Ph.D. September is here, and that means lots of things are beginning to look different. And different is good, for most of us, even if we don’t know how it’s going to turn out. Across the past six months, you an
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