prayer when you feel invisible

A Prayer When You Feel Invisible

A Prayer When You Feel Invisible Did you know the current American culture is at its loneliest in the last fifty years? Would you guess loneliness has been found to be a constant throughout the lifespan? That a majority of people feel like no one knows them well. What about
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A Prayer Before You Go

A Prayer Before You Go It’s Launch Week around here. And what a week it’s been! Wowzers. The book, Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than is officially out in the world. The launching process involves a lot of people across months.
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Pray for Wisdom

Pray for Wisdom What do you do when you have an issue and realize you don’t know what to do? Who do you seek out for help or advice? Meeting relationships or jobs or problems without knowing what to do next can be daunting. Although a common experience, it’s also
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prayer against oppression

A Prayer Against Oppression

A Prayer Against Oppression If I could go back and offer my twenty-something self, sound, biblical advice, praying against oppression would be at the top of my list. Doing so might have brought about the freedom I experience today much earlier. Decades so. Instead, I try to capitalize on conversations
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How God Sees You

Have you ever walked into an environment afraid you don’t measure up? Wondering why God called you to this spot, or questioning if He has? How can you compete with her? It seems every person you meet has it more together and oozes with greater talents. Sometimes, when you throw
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asking for blessing

Asking for Blessing

Asking for Blessing Have you ever prayed for a blessing? Is it narcissistic, or might it be exactly what God entices us to do? If you had asked me a few years ago, I would answer that it seems self-seeking and inappropriate. But today, the evidence in Scripture outways my
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Launch Team

Join My Launch Team

I want you on my launch team! We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Launch Team Application for my new book, Can You See Me, Now? Good news for the lonely, left out, and less than. You might have a few questions, like what’s the book about? What do
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path forward

Prayer for a Path Forward

Prayer for a Path Forward Are you a morning person? Honestly, mornings have never been my jam. I would rather stay up until 2:00 AM than get up before seven. Although marrying a morning person did improve my bearish behavior, it wasn’t until I picked up a pattern in Scripture
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3 Powerful Ways Your Life Changes When You Know Your Purpose

People tell you many things you should know to change your life, but one thing you need to know is that if you know your purpose, it can have the most powerful impact. Have you done all the things that were supposed to make you happy, but you still feel
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risk is required
Hey There, Girlfriend

Sometimes It’s Worth the Risk

You may not feel it today, but relationships are worth the risk. Today, we wrap up our 5-day journey into how you and I navigate friendships. Yes, in spite of the pitfalls, relationships are, indeed, worth the risk. Still, risk-taking doesn’t mean indiscriminate bonding. Risk should be cloaked in wisdom
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Hey There, Girlfriend

Aim for What Endures

We are in the heart of Hey There, Girlfriend: Finding Courage for Friendship. It’s Day 4 and today we are focusing on our aim. You and I can actually point our own actions and responses toward what endures. Think about the relationships you have experienced. You, too, may have bundled
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when your happy goes missing

When Your Happy Goes Missing

Do you pursue happy? If you are anything like other Americans, you ponder and crave merriment more than success or true love. Happiness has been deemed our life passion as a culture. Tragically, studies show we are the most unhappy we have been in over 50 years. The past few
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Hey There, Girlfriend

God is For Your Good

Day 3 of Hey There, Girlfriend, a 5-day reading plan for finding courage for friendship, is upon us. And Don’t forget, you can also find this plan available on the YouVersion app. Together, we are looking into the Word of God to discern a biblical model for friendship. In today’s
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together is god's idea
Hey There, Girlfriend

Together is God’s Idea

  Welcome to Day 2 of Hey There, Girlfriend, a 5-day reading plan for finding courage for friendship. This plan is also available on the YouVersion app. Together, we are looking into the Word of God to discern a biblical model for friendship. And together is exactly where we land
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hey there girlfriend
Hey There, Girlfriend

Start with What You Know

Welcome to Day 1 of Hey There, Girlfriend: finding courage for friendship. I’m glad you are here and hope you will stick around for the five days. What I have learned in my adult years is that most of us could use a good friend. Many of us have been
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Praying for Work

Praying for Work

Praying for Work In case you are just finding us here, my name is Cheri Strange. Stick around and check out the rest of the site (Be sure to grab hold of the FREE Book Bundle before you leave). I’m so glad you are with me today. The purpose of
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Praying for Boldness

Praying for Boldness Did you know that the most popular foods in America are hamburgers? Hot dogs, French fries, and Oreo cookies fall in line right behind burgers. I’m sort of disappointed tacos did not make the top ten, but I find these statistical matters interesting. A researcher and question-asker,
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prayer for protection

A Prayer for Protection

A Prayer for Protection Do you pray for protection? I know many Christians who ask for protection over themselves, maybe a spouse, the new driver under their roof, their family, and even the car in a hailstorm? We are often enthusiastic about asking for divine intervention for health, wealth, success,
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A Prayer for the Discouraged

A Prayer for the Discouraged Are you a “glass is half-empty” or a “glass is half-full” kind of person? I often tease that my glass hardly ever has ANYTHING in it. Truly I am melancholy to the core. My serious nature is so acute that recently a stranger walked over
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A Prayer Against Distraction

A Prayer Against Distraction She Prays on Fridays What’s your plan for the day? I’ll bet you are multitasking and fighting to get everything done on your “To Do” list. How’s that going? If you and I are anything alike, half the battle is me and my personal wanderings. I
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God is for you insta

God is For You

God is For You She Prays on Friday She Prays exists for two main reasons. One reason results from the rich depository of resources I have discovered for my own prayers in Scriptures, and the second is the realization that a woman might not have anyone in her life praying
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