Times of Testing

Praying Through Times of Testing

Praying Through Times of Testing Sometimes you can read a chapter or a passage of verses in the Bible that feels like the person writing is sitting near you, telling you a story. That’s how Psalm 66 lands on me. It’s conversational as if the writer is talking to an
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facing disappointment
Spiritual Growth

How Do You Face Disappointment

How Do You Face Disappointment? Guest Post by Rebecca Barlow Jordan When disappointment knocks on your door, how do you face it? I remember when a phone call brought me to my knees. “He’s gone.” I never got to say goodbye to my father. And the time my gynecologist’s brow
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How to Pray for a Fearless Trust

Firm and Fearless Trust by Cheri Strange Welcome to the She Prays, spotlighting Scripture and praying it over you, for your strengthening and encouragement. Today we are looking at how to pray for a fearless trust. I found myself sitting down this week, with burdens not my own, but yours,
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When You've Got Questions

When You’ve Got Questions

  When You’ve Got Questions Maybe you have a situation in your life that has not turned out the way you anticipated or planned. Maybe you needed to get to a certain point or make a particular score or finish at a set level—and even though you did everything humanly
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Shattering Doubt

Shattering Doubt

Shattering Doubt She Prays on Friday Last week I met with a group of precious souls gathered because they believe God has or is calling them to write a particular message to a particular audience. Writing is a solitary endeavor. Most days it feels like you are trying to be
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beauty in perseverance
Spiritual Growth

Beauty in Perseverance

Beauty in Perseverance by Anita Peluso The last days of winter often feel like drudgery – painful waiting until we see the first blooms of spring. We long for the crocus, daffodils, and tulips of spring to brighten the gray landscape of winter, bringing hope of warmer, sunnier days. We
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unite my heart

Unite My Heart

Unite My Heart   Do you ever feel like you are mentally scattered? Too busy to keep it all straight? Maybe you have so much on your plate there is no direct path that you can see? Me, too. I wonder why I can’t get it together. The problem often
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The Source of All Comfort

The Source of All Comfort by Cheri Strange Not long ago, I met some new friends because we were sharing the platform to tell our stories about how loneliness has impacted our lives. We were going to share the couch and testify to how God has liberated us from the
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Responding to Times of Trouble

Responding to Times of Trouble Welcome to the She Prays on Friday edition, spotlighting Scripture and praying it over you. My aim is for your strengthening and equipping making this the most encouraging FIVE MINUTES of your day. This week I am celebrating my thirtieth wedding anniversary. That man and
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strong hands

A Prayer for Strong Hands

Prayer for Strong Hands She Prays on Friday with Cheri Strange Several of my daughters are “grown and flown,” off other places, doing what God has called them to do in this season of their lives. Within the last week, each of them has called to mention how tired they
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Do You Pray

Do You Pray Expectantly?

Do You Pray Expectantly? Guest Author, Kathy Howard Get ready. Today we have the privilege of hosting Kathy Howard, a fellow Texas, just up the road. She is a great Bible teacher and devotional writer. Kathy brings us a glimpse of her new release, Deep Rooted: Growing through the Book
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Hear my prayer, Lord

Hear My Prayer, Lord

Hear My Prayer, Lord She Prays on Fridays with Cheri Strange, PhD. This is the She Prays on Friday edition of the blog, which hopes to be some of the most encouraging five minutes of your Friday. Each week on the She Prays on Friday edition we examine a portion
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teach me lord

Teach Me, Lord

Teach Me, Lord She Prays Friday Welcome to the She Prays Friday edition of the blog, which seeks to be some of the most encouraging FIVE minutes of your Fridays, straight from the Word of God. I’m so glad you are here, and extremely hope-filled that these moments will serve
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conquering your chaos

Releasing Today Conquering Your Chaos

New on YouVersion, Conquering Your Chaos Today is the day. The newest reading plan went live this morning and I could not be more excited, because Conquering Your Chaos is for you and me. Ever feel like you can’t get it together? Does your To-Do list out-distance your day? Do
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Do Not Waste These Gray Hairs

Don’t Waste These Gray Hairs The She Prays Friday edition of the blog seeks to be some of the most encouraging FIVE minutes of your Fridays, straight from the Word of God. Welcome. I’m so glad you are here because today is extra special. It’s my birthday (and I’m not
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Spiritual Growth

Who Does God Say I Am?

Who Does God Say That I Am? One of the most formative seasons in my life came through difficulty. It was the kind of time and place that causes a person to question if they are truly in relationship with the Father or just crazy. The outside voices pouring into
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Questioning God

Questioning God Happy Friday here. Welcome to She Prays on Friday. I’m sitting here with an oversized bandage taped to my chin, due to a medical procedure, protecting what my doctor expects to turn black and blue by morning. I sort of feel like I was knocked silly by the
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Lighting the dark

Finding Light in the Dark

Finding Light in the Dark Cheri Strange, Ph.D. For years we have made prayer a focus and decidedly marked Fridays as a day when we invite people to join together to pray for each other specifically for the needs of those associated with the She Years community. I’ve tried to
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Shoulder to Shoulder
Spiritual Growth

Living Shoulder 2 Shoulder

Living Shoulder 2 Shoulder What if you were The Plan for offering hope and healing to a culture in crisis? God’s Divine plan for utilizing you and me as instruments for bringing hope into our surroundings and even impossible situations sounds about as genius as leaving my twin boys home
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she prays

She Prays on Friday

She Prays on Friday Hey it’s Friday! Not only is it Friday, it’s the last Friday in the first month of 2022. That means, (among other things) there has been time for five of the ten in my family to contract Covid and just about be over it. It also
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When to Quit
Spiritual Growth

How to Know When to Quit

How to Know When to Quit What if the answer you have long awaited is No? How do you know when to quit? This happened to a stranger I met on an airplane once. She and I had attended the same conference in which the final speaker had posed the
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