Becoming a Stronger You

Becoming a Stronger You Plan

Becoming a Stronger You YouVersion Plan by Cheri Strange, Ph.D. Hi there! Today I am excited to announce the launch of our latest Bible reading plan available on the FREE YouVersion App, called Becoming a Stronger You. It’s a five-day plan for the one who longs to have, well…more strength.
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What Now, Lord?

What Now, Lord? by Cheri Strange If you were to sneak a peek into my prayer journal or listen in on my private “me-sided” conversations with the Lord, like a broken record you would hear me ask, “What now, Lord?’ This is a recurrent question of mine. I’m a woman
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show up
Teens Yearn

3 Ways to Show Up for a Friend of Color

3 Ways to Show Up for a Friend of Color by Guest Blogger, Tiana Wollam Hi. I’m Tiana. This month I will graduate from high school. I can’t wait to move to the next thing in my life. There is so much for which I am grateful. But at the
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Truths Jesus Taught FREEBIE

Truths Jesus Taught FREEBIE Cheri Strange To enhance your experience and help you grow in your study of the Bible and time with the Lord, we are offering a 30-Day Reading Plan you can do on your own, without a commentary. No devotional. Just you and your Bible and the
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truths Jesus Taught

6 Truths Jesus Taught We Like to Forget

6 Truths Jesus Taught We Like to Forget by Cheri Strange In the life and ministry of Jesus, the Bible provides life-giving words that Jesus offered to those who had ears to hear. Promises. Words filled with hope, with love, and power that no one else can offer. These, we
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She Yearns FREEBIE

She Yearns FREEBIE Cheri Strange YES! For the first time, we are offering a 30-Day Reading Plan. It’s not like anything we have offered previously. This is a 30-day plan you can do on your own, without a commentary. No devotional. Just you and your Bible and the Lord. This
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Think You Need a New Heart?

Think You Need a New Heart? by Cheri Strange Imagine feeling that regardless of your actions or how hard you tried, when it comes to matters of the heart, nothing permanent ever arises. Hurt and blame and resentment seem to be your closest companions. Suppose these negative patterns and emotions
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FREE Scripture Tags

FREE Scripture Tags When you sign up to be a part of the She Yearns community you will receive these original Scripture tags today. Use them with gifts, as bookmarks, give them as small “thinking about you” cards to a friend, or leave one on a co-worker’s desk to cheer
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Unleash Your Brave Plan and Bonuses

Unleash Your Brave Plan and Bonus Downloads Have you ever felt stuck, timid, or even a little wimpy when it comes to trusting God when life gets difficult? Well, that’s natural, my friend. But it’s not for you. Instead, God beckons us to live courageously for Him, filled with His
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boundless gratitude feature

FREE Boundless Gratitude Journal

FREE Boundless Gratitude Journal Be sure to download this FREE 7-Day journal to accompany Cheri’s YouVersion Reading Plan, Boundless Gratitude. When you do, you also gain access to the She Yearns Community Facebook Group where more resources are made available on a regular basis. There you will find resources like
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7 Fundamentals for Navigating Relationships

 FREE Guide Know some difficult people? Maybe you live and breathe around one or two. Download Cheri’s FREE Guide to learn 7 Fundamentals for Navigating Relationships. For when you need help dealing with those unyielding, problematic, downright galling, even poisonous people in your life. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR GUIDE
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awakening Hop feature

Awakening Hope FREE Devotional

Get this 21-Day FREE E-book Devo Cheri’s devotional offers understanding, encouragement, and needed restoration. Your life matters. Regardless of what you have been through or how you feel, God can make a way to awaken hope in the hopeless. CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR E-BOOK NOW    
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teach us to pray

Teach Us to Pray

Teach Us to Pray She Prays Edition The events of January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C. were crushing. I spent most of the day celebrating Jolee, my birthday girl, unaware of the events. When the news came of angry citizens trampling the Capital, including the deaths, injuries, and disorder that
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Boundless Gratitude

Boundless Gratitude YouVersion Plan

Boundless Gratitude By Cheri Strange One week from today Boundless Gratitude will release on the YouVersion app, or This is a 7-day plan, perfect for preparing our hearts for this season to focus on being thankful, rather than scoot past it. I’m going to host a group on the
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5 practical ways to practice gratitude

5 Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude

5 Practical Ways to Practice Gratitude by Cheri Strange, PhD Hey there, I am super excited because on another screen behind this one I am turning in a new YouVerison reading Plan to release EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE THANKSGIVING, called BOUNDLESS GRATITUDE. The focus is purely spiritual and I cannot
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make fitness an act of worshp

Make Fitness an Act of Worship

Make Fitness an Act of Worship by Cheri Strange, Ph.D. September is here, and that means lots of things are beginning to look different. And different is good, for most of us, even if we don’t know how it’s going to turn out. Across the past six months, you an
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stronger you

Becoming a Stronger You

Becoming a Stronger You by Cheri Strange, PhD. Are you getting outside to get fresh air, with a mask or otherwise? Chances are you are not doing a lot of in-person shopping, ride airplanes or doing the normal summer stuff you have done in the past. But are you taking
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how to relinquish and trust

How to Relinquish and Trust

How to Relinquish and Trust There’s been a lot of tension around here. It begins every morning before breakfast, as my daughter, Taylor, and I exit the house. Our task sounds simple enough: walk the dogs. The problems begin as soon as we leave the driveway. Every. Single. Day. Max
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game-changing hacks

Game-Changing HACKS for Mom

Game-Changing HACKS for Mom   Welcome to the Blog – Game-Changing Hacks for Mom A few weeks ago I ventured back out into fresh airconditioned air that was shared with other people in the same room if you know what I mean (LOL). We all gathered in the same space,
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hard things

Joy in the Hard Things

Joy in the Hard Things It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks. A lot has gone on in the country that has raised the temperature for all the right reasons. Because of the events in Minneapolis between some police and an individual who did not deserve the treatment he received
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When God stands in the back

When God Stands in the Back

When God Stands in the Back Welcome to the blog. I’m so glad you are here. I recently released a podcast on this same topic and it really spoke to my mom. As we are nearing Mother’s Day and we are separated in all of this Sheltering in Place COVID-19
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