Becoming a Stronger You Plan

Cheri Strange

Becoming a Stronger You

Becoming a Stronger You YouVersion Plan

by Cheri Strange, Ph.D.

Hi there! Today I am excited to announce the launch of our latest Bible reading plan available on the FREE YouVersion App, called Becoming a Stronger You. It’s a five-day plan for the one who longs to have, well…more strength. If you feel like life’s sort of got you beat, or your energy has been spent on too much chaos and not enough care. If you long to be a stronger person, tired of giving up instead of believing God–then this plan might be for you.

How does one grow in strength? The writer of Hebrews has some ideas. We are not simply taking into consideration our physical bodies but developing the inner personal strength life demands. Thankfully, Hebrews speaks to the issue in ways that are helpful.

If you are interested in going through the plan together, the She Yearns Community will have a group beginning Monday, September 20, 2021. We will be using a feature on the YouVersion App called Plans with Friends. All you need to do is download the YouVersion App and follow the link provided below.

Becoming a Stronger You

To join Plans with Friends for Becoming a Stronger You, Click here.

I hope you will.

For His Glory,







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