Bay Area Day 16

Cheri Strange

Bay Area Day 16

Prayer Guide for John 12:1-11

Hey there! And Welcome! This is the final week of the 21-Day Prayer journey with Bay Area. If you are just now joining me, we are in the midst of a season of prayer put forth by Pastor Brian Haynes, at Bay Area Church. As an additional consideration during this unprecedented season, he has invited participants to miss one meal in order to pray and focus during your prayer time until Easter. If you would like to hear more about this 21-Day emphasis and you can listen to a message here. To accompany this prayer series, I created a printable prayer guide to fit along with the readings. 

Until today the readings included the Psalms of Ascents? Today we move into the book of John and I can’t wait! What a way to enter the Holy Week! I trust God will speak through His Word to you and you spend time with Him.

You will find Day 16: John 12:1-11 below, with room to write notes, journal your thoughts, and prayers during this time.

To download, just click on the graphic and a link to a PDF version will pop up. There are two options: Bullet Journal if you like your lines spread out and a more classic style.

Bay Area Prayer Guide Day 16

bay area

bay area


NOTE: If you need more writing space, here are some extra pages for NOTES you can download.

Bay Area Extra Bullet  Bay Area Extra Lines

I’m so glad you are joining in because we need to pray and pray fervently. Check back here each day for your daily download. I’m thankful to be in this with you!

If you would like to start at the beginning, you can find Day One HERE

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